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ORNL scientists uncover clues to role of magnetism in iron-based superconductors

X-ray laser probes tiny quantum tornadoes in superfluid droplets

Konrad Ilgner – Google+

Highly conductive organic metal looks promising for disposable electronic devices

Reduced-Weight Reaction Sphere Makes Way for Extra Satellite Payload

At Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, upgrading the 40-year-old RF cavities in the Booster synchrotron will provide a twofold improvement in proton throughput for high-intensity particle physics experiments that could lead to breakthrough discoveries about the universe.

This model shows how to set up a simple Bipolar Transistor model.

A 2-D FSI simulation showing the velocity field caused by feeding mechanical cantilever energy into the disordered kinetic energy of the surrounding gas

This model calculates the DC characteristics of a simple MOSFET.

GEC ICP Reactor, Argon Chemistry

Optalysys will launch prototype optical processor

ScienceDaily: News, Videos & Articles in Science, Health, Technology & Environment

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A 100-Fold Improvement in Lithography Resolution Realized with a 150-Year-Old “Perfect Imaging” System

In-Plane Microwave Plasma

Microwave Rotman lens whose size is substantially reduced with the aid of magnetic metamaterial filling the tapered transmission lines in the center