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World☺ Faces

Faces of the World: Photos and faces across world. We are the world, traditions, people from world countries. Some of these will make you smile, on days when you need to get another perspective.

Ladakh - India > People | 'Decorated Perak' Rows of turquoise are often enhanced by a prominent ga’u, an amulet box sewed onto the center of the headdress. The outfit is further beautified by adding separate segments of decorated cloth. The perak is fastened onto a hairpiece made out of woolen braids, and the whole headdress is held in place on the owner’s head by silver chains and stiff ear-flaps. | Caption and Image © Kieron Nelson

Portrait of a Kalash girl | Image scanned from an old National Geographic

People of Klonghae by izhameffendi

This woman was photographed in China. Unfortunately the photographer (jomo01 on did not provide any other details.

China | Yi woman. The Yi costumes vary greatly depending on where they live; in china they live primarily in rural areas of Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi, usually in mountainous regions. #World #Faces #Global #People