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my diabetes.

i was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes right after my fifteenth birthday [october 2000]. most of the time, it's not too hard, "except on the days that it is" -- to quote another t1.

Research Corner: Ending the A1C Blame Game #article from an Endocrinologist who wore a CGM

:: A Response from Miss Manners, and Her Son with T1 Diabetes (!)

The Rural Roost: Our New Normal: {The Diagnosis}

:: newest diabetes inspiration: nancy schiffer. more than 50 years with type 1.

:: "talking to someone with a chronic illness" article on CNN Health. #diabetes #t1

:: running with diabetes article from sixuntilme.

:: i also have this one from #laurenshope - heavier than the others, but still in great shape after 8+ years! #diabetes #type1

:: I really like this medical id from #laurenshope - so colorful! #diabetes

:: i also have this medical alert bracelet from #laurenshope . the only complaint i have is that the tubing broke apart [but only into sections - not off the bracelet itself]. #diabetes

:: my medical alert id from #laurenshope. such great quality...i love it! i have never had to restring my bracelet - and i wear it constantly. #diabetes

:: my friends ask me if i'm "winning" whenever they hear me beep... #diabetes #T1 #insulinpump

:: this made me laugh and cry at the same time! #pancreas #diabetes #T1

:: "america runs on insulin" - this is absolutely the sweetest story i have ever read about diabetes. i totally cried!

Six Until Me.: America Runs on Insulin.

#infographic on the difference between type 1 and type 2 Diabetes via @achieveclinical