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Music Education Blogs

The Star Spangled Banner---Why It Should Be Our Anthem

Music Sub Plans based on America, the Beautiful

Teaching Elementary Music: Tanya's Blog: October 2012

9 Five-Minute Activities That Will Save Your Lesson One Day (And Maybe Your Reputation, Too)

Kodaly and Orff Music Teacher's blog-All about the new dance craze: Gangnam Style

Lynn Kleiners Music Box - Lynn Kleiners blog - Using Orff Instruments for the First Time, Lesson Plans.....I love her.

Another great Elementary music resource. Organized by grade level.

Emily's Music Blog - combines Orff and Kodaly - - great article on using popular music in upper elementary but still following the Kodaly format. The idea TOTALLY makes sense!

Beth's Music Notes: recordersAND many resources. . . I think I've pinned this blog but I MUST remember to refer back to it. VERY informative.

Really great Music class website I stumbled across. She's got so many great ideas for decorating her music class that I'm so excited to try!

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    Aw! Thanks for stopping by! Glad you found some things to use! :-)

  • joseph vetro

    Just joined up a couple weeks ago.Taking a technology course at the university and one of our assignments was setting up a pinterest and blog sight. These are some amazing ideas. Awesome :)

Mrs. Q's Music Blog: Great Musicians Always....

Music at Bert Raney Elementary: 4th graders used iPads in music today

Music at Bert Raney Elementary: Pictures of the Classroom

fantastic music teacher website, great rubrics and explanations of grades.

Thom Borden's Blog. GREAT music resource. Especially for Orff - folk