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Foil Hats? Foil Art? Foil Sure.

we should make foil hats to wear while we carry our placards :)

How my brother used to entertain himself. Those foil hats are "anti-mind control" devices.

Missouri Lawmakers Request Funds For Tin Foil Hat Making Supplies

a cat with a foil hat

tin foil hat is an easy and awesome costume idea

This dress pairs nicely with a tin foil hat.

Hershey Kiss Hat; Tin Foil Hat; aluminum foil hat; hersheys kisses hat; crazy hat; funny hat

Tin foil hat.. Now this is funny!

Lawmaker mocks citizens objection to Common Core by funding aluminum foil for tin foil hat

Hamster in a foil hat.

LAWMAKER BUDGETS FOR TIN FOIL HATS TO MOCK CRITICS OF COMMON CORE - As opponents of the Obama Administration’s national education standards rallied Wednesday at the Missouri State Capitol, state Representative Mike Lair acted on what some might call sinister motives: The Republican lawmaker included an appropriation of $8 for tin foil hats for parents and others who oppose the so-called Common Core standards. #stopcommoncore

boy in tin foil hat with circuit tester | 2716×1810 | color | ram2013

The Tin-Foil Hat Crowd: Daniel Pinchbeck, U.F.O.'s and the Evolver Movement | The Indypendent

Foiling the NSA

Tin foil hat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

dat foil hat. (This makes me want to find a well ventilated studio and start painting in oils.)

Our members pose with their tin foil hats for Hat Day.