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▶ Jamie Oliver talks you through preparing garlic - YouTube

Goodfellas - garlic cut in prison

Garlic droplight

One more of my gorgeous planted garlic. Love recycling food scraps!

Garlic love

Jaccard - 201203S - MicroEdge Spice Rasp image

Growing Garlic by Seed Savers: "...growing garlic is fun and easy. In order to get you off to a good start, we’ve put together a series of garlic planting and harvest slides. We also have a ‘cheat sheet’ of garlic planting instructions..."

Jaccard - 201201RF - MicroEdge Fine Rasp image

three ways to have fun with garlic: Lebanese garlic sauce, roasted garlic paste, & garlic olive oil

44-Clove Garlic Soup (and a really fun dinner tradition). This is intriguing.

Overall, Oregano’s has a strong sense of organizational identity. Although they may not have a widely known logo/slogan, it uses strategies to ensure their restaurant is one of a kind. It has utilized different vehicles to connect and identify with local consumers. Furthermore, the uniqueness of their menu, friendly atmosphere, sense of humor, & attention to detail is what gives them their niche. This can be seen in the thoughtful “thank you” & funny note stating, “garlic breath is sexy”.

funny food photos - Fried Starch Snack Shack