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About Erik Satie

About Erik Satie

tesla. hot like a million volts and totally freaked out by women. my kind of man.

Philadelphia, November 1839. Robert Cornelius, self-portrait facing front, arms crossed. Inscription on backing: The first light-picture ever taken. 1839.

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Then and Now: Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano / Claire Danes and Jared Leto in My So-Called Life

Pitt Dresses To Kill Pictures - Pitt4 | Rolling Stone

Pitt Dresses To Kill Pictures - Pitt1 | Rolling Stone

Pitt Dresses To Kill Pictures - Pitt1 | Rolling Stone

dos homens vestidos de mulher no showbiz » Brad Pitt na revista RollingStone

Mildred Patricia Baena: brad pitt rolling stone 1999

Clara Immerwahr - one of the first women to get her PhD. Killed herself after her husband Fritz Haber, himself a chemical genius unleashed the use of chemical weapons on the world in WWI.

Cate Blanchett for Vogue, December 2004. Photographed by Annie Leibovitz

Jane Fonda (born Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda; December 21, 1937) is an American actress, writer, political activist, former fashion model, and fitness guru. She rose to fame in the 1960s with films such as Barbarella and Cat Ballou. She has won two Academy Awards and received several other movie awards and nominations during more than 50 years as an actress. "To be a revolutionary you have to be a human being. You have to care about people who have no power."

Brad Pitt, 1998 [on the cover of the Rolling Stone]. William Bradley "Brad" Pitt (born December 18, 1963) is an American actor and film producer. Pitt has received five Academy Award nominations and five Golden Globe Award nominations, winning one Golden Globe. "In Missouri, where I come from, we don't talk about what we do - we just do it. If we talk about it, it's seen as bragging."

Timothy James "Tim" Curry (born 19 April 1946) is an English actor, singer, composer, and voice actor, known for his work in a diverse range of theatre, film & television productions. Curry first rose to prominence with his portrayal of Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the 1975 cult film The Rocky Horror Picture Show, reprising the role he had originated in the stage productions of The Rocky Horror Show. #RHPC "I'm not a conventional leading man at all and have no wish to be."

scarlett johansson

boys don't cry

Film Noir Photos: March 2013

Robert Smith


paul reubens

  • Beth Hunt

    That's the dude from Game of Thrones, right?

  • Eustachian Tube

    Yes! I paused it just as I fell in love, so that I could look for him on Pinterest (CRINGE), and someone had pinned a pic of him in the exact same frame I'd paused it.

peter hayes

Peter Hayes - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club guitarist. If you don't already listen to this band...

Vincent Price