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DIY – Ballard Designs Bench - This site has thousands of diy projects from the simple to the sublime - something for everyone - check it out - pin now/explore later - it will take hours, but well worth it!

This lady tells you how to redo furniture WITHOUT sanding or anything! And she swears by benjamin moore ironclad latex low lustre metal and wood enamel. Also she uses cheap foam rollers from walmart and cheap foam brushes from hobby lobby. First, Cut in the trim and angles with the foam brush then roll on the paint with the roller.

If you like to order photobooks...this blog is excellent. She compares 12 different companies shows the difference between each one.

I found all of this at Hobby Lobby(best store ever!) First you need to pick out some scrapbook paper. Next I flipped the paper over and flipped the letter over so it is backwards, then trace the letter with a pencil on the back of the paper, cut out the traced letter on the paper(I like to cut just a tad outside of the lines, you have a less chance of not laying the paper down exactly on the letter), once I have cut out the paper letter I match it up the the letter to make sure it will fit, next take some mod podge(I like pouring some on a plate and using the sponge rather than a paint brush) ok so on the letter brush on the mod podge with a thick enough coating so it wont dry on you, make sure it is smoothed out. Next comes the important part. Get your paper ready and start from the top of the letter and make your way down smoothing out the paper as you go(this will help prevent bubbling of the paper) if there are any spots that do bubble up then no worries, just try your best to smooth them out and if they arent too bad, once it all dries you wont see it at all. I usually let it sit for about 5 min then I mod podge over the paper to help it stay better and it also gives it a little shine. I made these for christmas gifts so I got glitter and rhinestone stickers and put the names on the part of the letter that I thought would look best. If you are going to put stickers on then make sure the mod podge is dry(it doesnt take very long). And if you really want to make it look nice. Buy ribbon that matches the color them(for this letter I ended up using a satin red ribbon) figure out the length you want then on the back of the letter hot glue each end of the ribbon in place. You can either leave it as it is or what I did was fasten it with some large buttons that matched the ribbon. It just gives a little extra. And lastly on the back of the letter I wrote a little quote or scripture that I felt went best with each person. Then you are done! So easy and so quick!

CRISPER IMPRESSIONS: Going over the surface of your stamp with a rubber eraser will give your surface a little texture for ink to grip to. Effective with larger stamps. Works on both clear and rubber varieties to give you crisper images.

100 things to buy at the dollar store and how to use them -- oh my gosh that list is overwhelming! so many ideas!