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Interesting thing I have learned about grief.......everyone really does it in their own time and in their own way. Don't just EXPECT people to "GET OVER IT" when YOU THINK it is time because frankly....unless you are here, where I am right now, feeling what I am feeling RIGHT NOW than there is no way you CAN know and that is ok....I don't expect you to know or understand....

DIY Foot Soak Recipe + free printable label at

Who Defines the perfect yoga body?

Regular Coffee or Decaf via I Waste So Much Time

Cocoa. Cinnamon. Coffee. The subtle bite of whiskey. You'll get it all in one sip with this cocktail. Take it to the extreme and eschew sweetener altogether.

LeRoy McDermott argues that paleolithic venus figurines lose their distorted proportions and acquire representational realism if we understand that they are self-portraits created by women looking down at their own bodies. If we look down at our own bodies, breast and belly dominates the visual field, navels seem nearer the pubis, legs are foreshortened and buttocks appear elevated - all features seen in the figurines. (click through for full article)

Seated Woman / Henri Matisse - 1908

Amazing Quotes – 32 Pics

'you can tell alot about a woman by her hands...'

“Power Shading” | art tips by Normand Lemay* Blog/Website | (www.grizandnorm.t...) ★ || Please support the artists and studios featured here by buying this and other artworks in their official online stores • Find more artists at and and learn more about #concept #art #animation #anime #comics || ★

Emotional - Female NudePortrait Original unique contemporary acrylics painting on canvas, painted edges and ready to hang. A semi-abstract figurative female nude portrait produced in yellow ochre and blue paint using the palette knife's techniques. Size 20" x 24" x1"(50cm x 60cm x 1.5cm). Certificate of Authenticity. FREE next day delivery in U.K.

After drawing out a basic sketch of flowers on my canvas, I mixed together equal amounts of acrylic heavy gel and acrylic modeling paste. Then, following the lines I’d drawn, I sculpted the petals, flower centers, and leaves with a small palette knife. Painting over the texture: After drying for about two hours my textured flowers were ready to paint.

Nerd Tattoos: Dr. Who Tattoos


Dr. Who Tattoo Allons-y

Dr who tattoo

Doctor Who henna tattoo

Here is some more Dr. Who inspired tattoos ideas....I like Lady and Peace

Yoga poster for kids. Helps to inspire little ones to try out a few yoga poses!