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Cuisenaire Rods

Activities and centers using Cuisenaire Rods to help children learn mathematical concepts.

Cuisenaire Learning Rods - Hands-on learning and fine motor coordination while learn math

Qtoys Cuisenaire Learning Rods Review | learning 4 kids

Alligator Math, Cuisenaire Rods and lots more games and activities for teaching math with Cuisenaire Rods: Fun Activities

Welcome -

Sky Scrapers with Cuisenaire Rods and hundreds blocks - Education Unboxed’s Channels on Vimeo

Education Unboxed’s Channels on Vimeo

Videos showing how to teach math using Cuisenaire Rods... Education Unboxed’s Videos on Vimeo

Education Unboxed’s Videos on Vimeo

Counting Sun Rays - Preschool Activity - This idea could also be turned into a NIM game to be played with older siblings. Place a certain number of sun rays around the circle (Cuisenaire Rods with a yellow pattern block in the middle) Take turns removing one or two rays. The person who has to pick up the last ray is the loser.

Little Family Fun: Counting Sun Rays - Preschool Activity

Using Cuisenaire Rods to learn letters of the Alphabet.

How can you use Cuisenaire Rods to learn to tell time?

Wooden Tray for Block Designs

Fun Frames for Block Designs | Unschooling Conversations

Video of the amazing mathematics that can be taught using Cuisenaire Rods. 1961!

built the decanomial with the Cuisenaire rods

Montessori Homeschooling: A working week

Use Cuisenaire Rods to teach ESL

Boring Math becomes Fun Math with Cuisenaire Rods!

Math Fun with Cuisenaire Rods

Cuisenaire Rods in the Sand!

Cuisenaire Rods addition and subtraction trains.

Welcome to the ThinkMath! Website | Think Math!

Teaching Foreign Language lessons with Cuisenaire Rods.

Why does it take more red rods to measure the dinosaur than brown rods?