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Word! Life is too short !!!... Nice is just nicer!!! Holding onto crap just means it stays with you, and becomes a cancer to your very existence! The less you hold onto the lighter the load! Embrace the gifts that come as, just gifts from the universe,it means there is still love in the world !

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony. - Thomas Merton

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I get up early and workout before my day gets away from me. Life is crazy so I never leave my workouts to chance:)

After all, raising children to be responsible adults is our jobs and when they get older, they can't be responsible if we are still doing everything for them and won't let them out of our sight.... #parenting

Teenagers! i like to have humor cause i am raising one right now

Sometimes you have to allow yourself to break down, fall apart just so you have grounds to start over, start fresh and rebuild. Either you'll come back stronger than ever or you'll begin a new journey.

Wow! I know someone like this. Will talk mad shit about a person and the next day they are best friends. If the other person only knew all the shit she talked about her and her family they wouldn't be friends...

I'm all about the positive thoughts today.

I'd rather sit in silence for days than let my hurtful words echo on in someone's heart forever!

I find it humorous that these people find my life so interesting they make what I do the focus of their life!

Time to clear my head quote via www.TheRabbitHole...