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Scaffolding Strategies for English Language Learners

Tip: List 5-20 key vocabulary words on the board related to what you are studying. For example, for a unit on geography: basin, mountain, peak, river, ocean, lake etc. Sit in a circle. The teacher begins by writing the first sentence of the story, for example, “Once upon a time, on a mountain peak, there lived an old woman.” Pairs add a sentence to the story that you record for all on the board. Offer and extra point or a cheer for each vocabulary word used. Variations & Extensions: Stude...

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vocabulary words collection- If students find words in print, they can take a picture of them or bring the ad/text to you. You can have an ongoing bulletin board with the words kids found. If a student hears a word being used, they can write down and share it with the class then put it on the board.

Vocabulary Activities | Vocab Gal | K-12 Vocabulary Blog

3. Socio-Linguistics and Language Development: Teaching SIOP- Sheltered Instruction Observational Protocol (for teaching English Language Learners/ELLs)

Teaching With Style!: SIOP and Teaching ELLs

She stores all the papers for each unit/theme in binders. So smart. I keep cramming stuff into bursting filing cabinets.

Mrs. Terhune's First Grade Site!: Organization

Teach consonant digraphs with this easy to use fun and interactive printables collection! Over 175 pages of activities and printables are included that will provide a comprehensive program for teaching the following consonant digraphs: initial digraphs-ch, th, wh,sh, final digraphs-ch, sh, th, ck, tch, and a mini package on ph is also included. FREEBIE IN THE PREVIEW. $


Teacherific: DIY Whisper Phones! I would love to make these !!

Teacherific: DIY Whisper Phones

Guided Reading Template :) cool!

Classroom Freebies Too: Guided Reading Template :)

Guided Reading Anchor Chart

Anchors Away (Middle School Teacher to Literacy Coach)

Guided Reading "cheat sheet" on what to do before, during, and after a guided reading lesson

Guided Reading Guide for Grades K-5 Cheat Sheet

Guided Reading . . . if then when

Buzzing with Ms. B: Guided Reading