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Pictures of fossils, fossil finds from Everything Dinosaur field trips, photos of fossils sent in.

Stigmaria fossil material from North Wales (the roots of the Lepidodendron - lycopsid).

A wide selection of Calamites and other Upper Carboniferous fossil material from North Wales.

Wide selection of Carboniferous plant fossils including Calamites from North Wales.

Upper Carboniferous carbonised plant remains found in North Wales.

Our illustration of a typical member of the Trilobita Order.

Super website with lots of dinosaur and fossil related teaching resources aimed at the national curriculum (working scientifically). Lots of tips, articles, lesson plans and free downloads.

Dinosaur Workshop | Dinosaurs In School

Largest known trilobite - a new species of Isotelus - image copyright Manitoba Museum

World's Biggest Trilobite

T. rex Skeleton Pendant from Everything Dinosaur, a clever idea. Pendant is from £1.59 plus postage.

Everything Dinosaur

Ammonite pendant a super fossil related gift from Everything Dinosaur. An antiqued finished Ammonite pendant from £1.59 plus postage.

Everything Dinosaur

Ancient mammal from the Miocene of Egypt named after Sir Mick Jagger.

Ancient Mammal Named after Mick Jagger

Anthracothere fossil material (Jaggermerys naida).

Ikrandraco avatar fossil material (left lateral view of skull and jaws with other parts of the skeleton).

Photographs and line drawing of the two known specimens of Ikrandraco avatar, a new species of Pterosaur (autumn 2014).

Name of new Pterosaur species from north-eastern China inspired by the film Avatar.

New Pterosaur species Named after Dragon in "Avatar"

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus "Four legs good, two legs bad"....

Spinosaurus - Steps into the Spotlight (Once Again)

What happens when an Ichthyosaur dies? New study shows that just like the whales and dolphins around today, these marine reptile carcases sustained a whole range of different organisms. However, there were differences...

What Happens when an Ichthyosaur Dies?

A ranger points out a fossil on the Fossil Discovery Trail - Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument (U.S. National Park Service)

Dinosaur National Monument

History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places | Smithsonian

Damaged Sauropod humerus (upper arm bone) spotted at the Dinosaur National Monument. Another incident of fossil theft.

Fossil Damaged at Dinosaur National Monument (Utah)

Two caudal vertebrae (tail bones) of the newly described African Titanosaur called Rukwatitan bisepultus.

Newly described Titanosaur from Tanzania (Rukwatitan bisepultus).

New Species of Titanosaur Named – Rukwatitan bisepultus