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Pictures of fossils, fossil finds from Everything Dinosaur field trips, photos of fossils sent in.

Polished crinoid fossils.

The Bolivian dinosaur tracks seen from the viewing platform.

Dinosaur Tracks from South America (Bolivia).

The long awaited paper providing a much more complete description of Deinocheirus has been published (Oct. 2014), to read Everything Dinosaur's account of the research, outlined back in November 2013.

A Helping Hand for Deinocheirus

Hypsilophodon foxii

Hypsilophodon foxii (NHM-Dinosaur) - Triebold Paleontology, Inc

Apatosaurus foot

Pied de Camarasaurus

Camarasaurus . En Images. Dinosoria

Jambe d'un Camarasaurus

Camarasaurus . En Images. Dinosoria

Crâne de Camarasaurus

Camarasaurus . En Images. Dinosoria


Squelette monté de Camarasaurus

Computer model of a Camarasaurus dinosaur skull.

The extinct saber-toothed Thylacosmilus atrox had ever-growing upper canines.

Saber-Toothed Predator Had an 'Embarrassing' Bite

Thylacosmilus_Atrox.jpg (962×922)

Holotype: Thylacosmilus atrox, the sabre-toothed marsupial. These carnivorous animals roamed modern-day South America from about 5.2-2.5mya....

The fantastic Megatherium


Scientists discover the origins of sex. 385 million year old Placoderm fossils reveal evidence of copulation and sexual dimorphism between males and females.

Looking at a fossilised caudal vertebra of a dinosaur.

A close up showing the internal structure of the fossilised tail bone of a dinosaur.

A simple lesson plan aimed at Key Stage 1 and 2 which helps to explain how fossils form in a process called permineralisation. Ideal for teaching work in support of rocks and fossils topic, an easy to follow lesson plan from Everything Dinosaur.

School Lesson Plan How Do Fossils Form?

New study suggests ancient Kangaroos were walkers and not hoppers.

Giant Kangaroos Made for Walking


Kronosaurus queenslandicus

Kronosaurus skeleton

Kronosaurus skeleton

Giganti dal passato. Kronosaurus queenslandicus