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Pictures of fossils, fossil finds from Everything Dinosaur field trips, photos of fossils sent in.

Transitional fossil: Sinosauropteryx prima: one of the best preserved dinosaurs found; bristly structures on neck, back, flanks, tail thought to be primitive feathers; represents evolution of feathers between dinosaurs w/o feathers and Archaeopteryx

Marine Fossils in the Mountains / This rock fell off a mountain. The white lines and spots in the rock are fossilized coral formations. Incredible that the upheaval that formed the Rockies is in evidence here on a trail that regular mortals can take, just a few minutes off the highway. Columbia-Shuswap, British Columbia, CA,

Mesophryne beipiaoensis, from the Cretaceous Period from Liaoning Province, China - Credit: Credit: Mick Ellison, AMNH

New Amphibian Tree of Life

insect+fossils | Insect Fossils from the Liaoning China Lagerstatte.

Insect Fossils from Liaoning China

This is a photograph of Sulcavis geeorum, a fossil bird from the Early Cretaceous (120 million-years-ago) of Liaoning Province, China with scale bar in millimeters. Credit: Photograph by Stephanie Abramowicz

Photograph of Sulcavis geeorum

Mei sleeping dinosaur.

Jurassic Astacus Crayfish Fossil from Liaoning, China

Edmontosaurus annectens Skeletal fossils as found at the excavation siteLocality: South Dakota, USAFormation: Hell Creek Formation F...

Beckett, J., “Henry Fairfield Osborne's notes about Hell Creek formation, Montana, 1908,” AMNH Digital Special Collections, accessed June 28, 2014,

Cretaceous mass extinction event, the establishing of the most accurate date for this catastrophe.

Carboniferous crinoids provide evidence of oldest biomolecules. Ancient fossil structures.

Juvenile Oviraptorids (Chicken-Sized Dinosaurs). Dinosaurs that were no bigger than a chicken.

ankylosaurus magniventris

Witmer's Lab Dinosaur Skull Collection: Thyreophora

Les hadrosaures Tsintaosaurus (à gauche) et Gilmoreosaurus (à l'avant plan) lors de l'exposition: Dans l'Ombre des Dinosaures.

Interview de Ronan Allain - 6e partie

A team of international scientists study the 100,000 year old human skull with an inner ear similar to that of Neanderthals.

An article about an open-source computer programme which has helped scientists to demonstrate how prehistoric Arachnids moved.

Everything Dinosaur Blog » Ancient Creepy-Crawlies Resurrected

Dilophosaurus had distinctive teeth. They were narrow, sharp and formed a separate bunch at the front of the jaw. One complete tooth has been found that measures 2 inches (5.1 cm). #ExtremeDinos

Extreme Dinosaurs - Atlanta | Premier Exhibitions

"Teenage" mammoth's tooth by Sizemore (Almost full size and not heavily worn down)