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Memento Mori: Victorian Death Photos

post-mortem photography

Aude Samia deathbed - Modern Post Mortem Photography


Very odd pose, post mortem

Post mortem photography, precious angel dress so beautiful, so very sad...

Post-mortem photography (also known as memorial portraiture or memento mori) is the practice of photographing the recently deceased.

Is the habit of taking pictures of everything all day long leading to a revival of the post mortem portrait?

Deceased girl in sitting post mortem photo...perhaps there was someone behind the curtain holding her in place

This is beyond creepy until you realize the weird looking one is actually the live child who moved during the photo process.

Memento Mori ("Remember your Mortality" in Latin) Death Photo. Victorian Era

Country Fair Caramel Apple Cakes

Victorian Mourning Doll Ornament.

children268 two sleeping beauties in eternal sleep I think it is a mother and child who died in childbirth...not 2 children....

  • Michelle Guy

    why not put child in her arms,, and why do flowers say 'husband'??

Saddest postmortem I have ever seen! The Keller Family: Emil, Mary, and 9-month old Anna Keller. Mary shot Emil through the heart, mortally wounded Anna, and then committed suicide. Gelatin silver print. Auburn, New York, January 25, 1894.

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Example of a postmortem photo where eyes have been painted onto the girls eyelids so it appears her eyes are open and that she is alert.

“Pupils shall not divulge the secrets of the dissecting room, on pain of forfeiting their priveleges to the same,” the faculty of the Medical College of Ohio resolved in 1849.This was a common admonish- ment to medical students. Professors lobbied for laws that would give them unclaimed bodies of people who died in hospitals and institutions. To meet the demands of their students, they made arrangements with men who procured recently buried bodies from graveyards.”

Una nuova foto è stata rilasciata oggi, in cui è ritratta Lea T:

  • Jewel Tillotson

    what this says is: A new photo and was released today, in which it is retracted Lea T. It doesnt make a lot of sense, but the photo is haunting

  • Eve Black

    Yeah that is weird but I do love the photo

(AlterEgo) W.o.w. I have never seen this photo before...I have no idea how I would react in this same situation BUT I am pretty sure I would not bail on my husband when he had been shot.

  • Eve Black

    Thank you Julian.

  • Elizabeth Jones

    If you do watch the film of it happening, she actually does that, but she appears to be reaching to grab the fragments of his skull that are flying by... don't say you wouldn't do something until you're in that situation.

  • Judi Kernan

    She was trying to retrieve the part of his skull that was blown off by the blast.

  • Danica Robinson

    Until you've been in the midst of a hail of bullets, you have no clue how you'd react. You may see it as "bailing." Perhaps she saw it as not wanting to leave their children completely orphaned. Perhaps she saw it as trying to get help for her husband.

  • Judi Kernan

    She was trying to retrieve the part of his skull that was blown off by the blast.

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