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Memento Mori: Victorian Death Photos

How can this mother look so serene while holding her deceased child? Shock, maybe.

  • Dena Poling

    She was just smiling for the picture. I have postmortem pictures of my infant daughter. I understand exactly what she was feeling. Sad her child has passed but happy for every moment she got with her.

Young girl holds deceased infant. Quakertown, PA, circa 1910.

The Thanatos Archive / Early Post-Mortem and Memorial Photography

....probably my favorite post mortem picture...just amazingly artistic and beautiful----poor baby :(

The smallest man The embalmed body of the smallest man who ever lived, enshrined in a decorative case of painted wood, walnut and glass. Merrick & Hertz freakshow USA - 1912

Curiomira: Wunderkammer

The boy is oddly positioned wedged in-between mom and arm of chair,legs positioned for support,arm and hand are lifeless at his side.

  • Gina Toell Piastuck

    But I've seen Victorian mortuary images of the dead standing.

  • jenni coad

    Its impossible for someones head to stay in that position if they are dead ,,, it was not the practice to take standing pictures of the dead in this fashion although the mortuary pictures are an acception, the dead lay down , sat or where held they did not stand

  • Shawn Anderson

    I think everyone in the photo is alive... the reason the boy is 'wedged' in is he had to hold that position for the duration of the exposure.

  • jenni coad

    Yes ,,, your completely right ,,, they just didnt take pictures of the dead standing ,, it wasnt done

  • jenni coad

    Apparently the idea started because people are fasinated at the idea of people standing up like that , and someone saw a chance to make more money if they said the people where dead

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