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Pics from the Indian Occupation of Alcatraz (Nov 1969 to Nov 1970). Most of the pictures were taken by me, my brother Ed, and sister Linda during the Fall of 1970. Other pictures were taken earlier during the Occupation and by others as noted...

Alcatraz (looking east) with the Bay Bridge in the background...from our friends at #AlcatrazHistory

Doug in the prison cafeteria, i can't remember his last name. This was taken in the first few months of the Occupation.

The way i remember during my first days on the Rock, from our friends at "Alcatraz History: A 1961 view looking towards the Warden and Lighthouse Keeper's residences from the Alcatraz Island Parade Grounds.

My mom's caption: "Lisa Willie looking with adoring and loving eyes up at her big brother Elvin." (1970 Warden's House, Alcatraz)

View from the south gun gallery...B Block, note the older cells on the right from the old Army days.

The view of the Main Cell Block from inside the gun gallery.

Grace Thorpe, daughter of Jim Thorpe, and Marilyn Miracle outside the Alcatraz Mainland office that served as the donation receiving center for the Alcatraz occupiers. I forget the guy's name, note the start of the Bay Bridge in the background. I took this in the spring of 1970.

I was 16 at the time, but who's counting, plus they spelled my name wrong...but here's a wood cut print i did for the first issue of the newsletter. Peter Blue Cloud, editor, let me use his wood cutting tools to make the wood cut. He was a great artist and poet.

  • Elvin Willie

    You can see the actual woodcut further on this board as it looks today.

RADIO FREE ALCATRAZ, from Indians of All Tribe Newsletter, Issue no. 1

  • Elvin Willie

    I remember Vicky Santana being the first person that greeted our family on our first nite on the Island. She showed us a place in the warden's house to spend the night before we found our own quarters. What a great feeling we coming home.

from Indians of All Tribes Newsletter, issue no. 1.

Occupation newsletter cover...Edition no.3

Old newsletter from the Rock....

ALCATRAZ MEMORIES: Occupation Newsletter... Issue No.1; editor Peter Blue Cloud, Mohawk.

Inside the NPS Alcatraz Library in Building 64. Ranger Craig interviewing my brother Ed Willie and sister Lisa KcKay regarding their experience during the Indian Occupation. (2010)

Double exposure of the light house

My sisters Karen Harrison (Willie) and Linda Willie inspecting the Hole in D Block on Alcatraz.

I'll give you 3 guesses on which person was the FBI agent that tailed us on Alcatraz and other locations in the country...

  • Elvin Willie

    This was taken during one of our many visits during the 70's after the Occupation during one of the NPS tours. The government was always jumpy about Indians returning to the Rock during the 70's and they kept a close eye on us 'militants'. I remember the guys in suits and dark glasses driving in front of our apartment at UC Village in Albany in their Ford Fairlanes and the taps on our