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Dogs in Weddings

It is no secret that many of us consider our dogs to be family. So it only makes sense to include them in one of the most important days of your life! More & more couples are continuing to include their pups as ring bearers, escorts, or just plain old companions.

Dogs in weddings

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Bride and groom with their four legged friends - Dog in wedding

A Splendid Salt Lake City Celebration | OneWed

bride and her dog

Dogs in weddings Wedding portrait with a dog bride groom dog dog ring bearer dog flower girl dog walk down aisle in ceremony bride groom dog

Rustic + Eco-Friendly Ranch Wedding

Dog ready for part in wedding

Toves Sammensurium: Neimen sjå brura!!!!!

The Bride and Groom had their dogs be the ring bearers

Amber Henry Photography

Rustic Winter Wedding Inspiration with lovely dog

Gallery & Inspiration | Picture - 1317783

Dogs in Weddings | Taylor Lord #wedding

Texas Wedding by Taylor Lord - Southern Weddings Magazine

A proud pup taking his ring bearing duties very seriously! {Ameila Soper Photography}

Dogs in weddings - Daniel Taylor Photography. Wedding photographers

Kelli + Daniel Taylor Photography
  • Shannon Moriarty

    This is so amazing. I have a black lab and a dog that looks exactly like the dog on the right. The plan is to have the both of them in my wedding. Does anyone know what breed the dog on the right is? We adopted our puppy 10 months ago and the vet has not been able to give us a specific breed.

  • Taylor Flanery

    If you really, really want to know you can get a doggie DNA test. I have heard both good and bad reviews. You can get them on Amazon for like 60-some dollars.@Shannon Bellanca Moriarty

Dogs in weddings

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