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Inspirational Break Up Quotes

When we suffer from a recent break-up what we often need is just a little inspiration, a hope that there is still a light at the end of this dark tunnel.... because we forget that there IS always.

It WILL be ok! It takes how long it takes...

Always Dolled Up: 25 Ways to Beat the Break Up

Stars can't shine without darkness.

Great quotes | #549 | From up North

Read this every morning after you wake up... because mornings after a #breakup is the hardest time of the day.

Sending positive thoughts your way (27 photos)

Don't be afraid to start again.

It's Never Too Late | Striking Truths

Stop standing, start walking.

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Breakups hurt, but losing someone who doesn't respect you is actually a gain, not a loss.

You CAN change your life after a break-up. All it takes is a change of MIND.

The vicious cycle of thoughts after a breakup...

Not possible... but hard to accept.

"I am not a second choice!!!" Say it!

  • Alicia Greene

    Lol. Me too girl!

  • Candy Tin

    I am not a second fucking choice .

  • Christina Dillon

    It works, i hope. You have to say it, out loud, ...over and over. I guess i need this posted in front of my face for awhile.

  • Jenn Hart

    Sounds like we should print it on a T-shirt, hoodie and maybe a hat lol. Might as well walk around with your expectations being up front ;-)

  • Jezebel Marquez

    True that Jenn

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Change in #breakup recovery starts when you decide that you don't want to continue like this.

Very true... feel, understand and accept your pain!

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Don't be afraid to lose what wasn't meant to be. - The Shortcut To Break-Up Recovery

Good and honest advice.

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