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Mystery solved - he's holding the pochade box on his lap.

Sunset over Ramsey Island. This is the first painting of his I ever saw. When I saw it I had to find out who had made it - the rest is history.

Rickett Sunshine in pochade box. I like peeking into other artists' setups.

Because I like looking at his equipment. I mean that in a totally platonic way. Mostly.

Autumn Sunset

Rising tide..... Is that your foot on the left? MKH

  • M.K. Hajdin

    It totally looks like a foot. I'm just wondering what it's doing there. Presumably, you're not painting with it. But you have unorthodox methods of holding your brushes, so who knows.

Sunset, Newgale - THIS IS BEAUTIFUL - Sorry for yelling, but I couldn't help myself. MKH