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"We wait patiently, calmly, for the 90s to arrive and rescue us from the scourge of 80s fashion"

Reebok Freestyle - women's athletic shoe style that was introduced in 1982 and designed for aerobic exercise. It quickly surged Reebok into the mainstream athletic wear market and fashion scene along with becoming one of the most popular athletic shoes of all time. In 1984, the shoe accounted for more than half of the Reebok sales. As a result, the Freestyle became a 1980s fashion icon and is still manufactured to this day.

Designer work inspired by 1980s fashion- Marc Jacobs 2009 collection showed heavy inspiration from the 1980s. Pictured are the hair bows featured in a fashion show

80s fashion~ the girl in the middle was totally me in college! boots and all

Leg warmers! 1980's Fashion do! I did have several pairs of these!!! Wish I still had them.

Molly Ringwald was a big idol of this era. The movies she was in were huge hits and girls were dressing like her. Dressing like someone was a form of flattery and people being like their favorite celebrities was important to them.

1980 fashion trends | 1980s Fashion NOW THAT'S SOME AWESOME HAIR!!! LOVE IT!

80s Fashion- get rid of the massive hairbow and that could be me.

Joan Collins means business in her eighties jacket and blouse!

Moda dos anos 80 A presença do sports wear aliado a cores mais vibrantes e psicadélicas. Presença das perneiras muito alusivo à prática de fitness.

80's Pink And Green Tee Shirt Clips...I thought these were the coolest things

80s fashion..... leggings were crazy back then

1980s Fashion for Men in High School | ... Botetourt High School dressed in 1980′s fashion for Spirit Week

80's fashion! Not everything was leg Warmers and neon colors. Pastels were very big in the 80's along with floral patterns

While not a fan of the hair or the shoes, I do enjoy the sharp angles, wish it was in a richer colour - otherwise I enjoy this look.

1980's Fashion ( VIP Fashion Australia www.vipfashionaus... - international clothing store )

1980's fashion seemed to be risky yet making sure there was an element of comfort

men's fashion during the 80's changed tremendously. from three piece suits to casual suits like the picture above. Men started wearing loose pants made from soft loose fabric and long folded sleeve shirts.

Brooke Shields 1980 Evening Pant Suit - I can remember how badly I wanted the same pants suit when I was little! ha!

Glitter and Pearls: Style icon Sunday: Molly Ringwald in 'Pretty in Pink'. I love her tights. And her shoes are pretty rad, too.

80s Colour blocking - 80s Vintage Fashion - 80s inspiration for CATs Vintage - 1980s style - fashion

pastels- check off the shoulder- check giant hair bow- check