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Vintage jelly shoes 1980s fashion icon in turquoise size 8 by clcort, $15.00

1980 fashion trends | 1980s Fashion NOW THAT'S SOME AWESOME HAIR!!! LOVE IT!

Banana Clips 1980's Hair Clips-middle school.

80s Fashion- get rid of the massive hairbow and that could be me.

This is classic - the Oversized Shirt (dress), big belt, long beads cross necklace, the neon hose to polish off the look a bunch of jelly bracelets.

I loved to wear them high up too!

80s fashion. This is so not realistic...we would have NEVER been seen with balloons.

Designer work inspired by 1980s fashion- Marc Jacobs 2009 collection showed heavy inspiration from the 1980s. Pictured are the hair bows featured in a fashion show

Bomber Jackets in the #80s. These totally awesome girls also have their jeans tight rolled and some bitchin' scrunchie socks. Who else had a bomber jacket in the late 80s? www.liketotally80...

The best part of jelly shoes was wearing them in Summer. Getting home after a sweaty day of playing outside, the dirt on your feet had a lovely criss cross pattern on them

Scrunchies!! The 1980's was big, bright, fun, bold and a little random! For more visit: www.chaiacupoflif... #80s #retro

What 80's hairstyle are you? Take the quiz and see! #steelmagnolias

Loved going to the store at the mall and picking out my twister beads!!!!

Madonna in 1984 - with big, Minnie Mouse style bow, tonnes of bracelets, and strappy vest: screaming 1980s cool! #PINSuperdrug50

80 Things From the '80s: How many of these movies, TV shows, music icons, foods, toys, fashions and other pop culture references from the 1980s can you name? Click through for the answers.

How to create a rad 80's style costume using Neon Sharpie markers by sassystyleredesig...

L.A. Gear was the only sneaker brand that mattered. | 53 Things Only '80s Girls Can Understand

Image detail for -The 80′s will never fade out of style (26 photos) » 80s-fashion-1 (a favourite fashion and style repin of www.vipfashionaus... )

Probably my absolute favorite toy, I also had a bridal version, Barbie version, and a few more...I SO wanted to be a fashion designer

"Vintage 80's Swimsuit" ...(I had this, but the top was dark gray with black leopard spots, lol)

Reebok Freestyle - women's athletic shoe style that was introduced in 1982 and designed for aerobic exercise. It quickly surged Reebok into the mainstream athletic wear market and fashion scene along with becoming one of the most popular athletic shoes of all time. In 1984, the shoe accounted for more than half of the Reebok sales. As a result, the Freestyle became a 1980s fashion icon and is still manufactured to this day.

80s fashion - Molly ringwald! floral pants (generally brightly colored printed pants) however ringwald normally was used to depict an lower middle class kid who was attempting to fit in with the styles, so the clothes were more toned down