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1990s Toys

Gymnast Barbie was so cool because her limbs were so much more flexible than other Barbies of the time.

I had one of each giga nano and tamagotchi I loved my giga and nano the best I even clipped them on my belt loops and pocketbooks, I still even look for them in old boxes every now and then

Surprise Puppies by Hasbro 1990s 90s toys by ExperiencedFindings, $12.00

toys from 1990's | nano pets nano puppy nano kitty 1990 s 1997 90 s kid 90 s toys

i would get these stuck in my hair, on the cealings, walls and just about everything and they would leave those little marks on walls too so everyone knew..

90s Toys | List of Nostalgia-Inducing Toys from the 1990s (Page 5)-----My hubby still has his pogs. They are all stacked nicely in a medicine bottle. :)

90s toys | 90s Toys | List of Nostalgia-Inducing Toys from the 1990s | Remember?

Mcdino 1990 mcdonalds toys 90s kids happy meal

Growing up in the 1980s and 1990s, I have fond memories of my lite brite. It is a classic toy that Hasbro starting selling in 1967. Lite Brite...

toys from 1990's | polly pocket released back in 1990 s

The Simpsons Lisa Simpson Toy Rag Doll 1990s $13.00, via Etsy. i used to have this!

I had that same exact egg and bacon set. I loved fisher-price play food. I wish they still made play food like that now. Now its just cheap stuff

This was one of my first -- and definitely my favorite -- Barbies. She had more flexible joints than the average Barbie. :) Gymnast Barbie! She also came with dumbbells, hand ribbons, and a pink ribbon in her hair.

"Vintage 1990s Toy Tamagotchi" - That's what somebody said about this pin. I am now..."vintage"...*tear*...mine was like this but pink where the yellow was. Oh I shepherded my Tomagotchi through many a trying time.

toys from 1990's | Vintage 1980s 1990s Sky Dancer Doll. Instead playing we'd use to use them as weapons lol

In honor of my Aunt Ruth who passed away this year. She would get so frustrated with this game but would never tell us she couldn't play. Sure do miss her!

POGO BALL!!! 1980s 1990s toys, this really worked to keep you in balance! » Do they still make these? I used to love mine!!