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5 Gallon Buckets

Hydroelectric Generator from a 5 gallon bucket - download the 35 page PDF instructions from this site

Nice clothes washing kit that would be a nice, no-power addition to a long-term emergency or preparedness set up. Can also see it being a great addition t

Cooking - Rocket Stove (5 Gallon Bucket)

DIY metal 5 gallon bucket rocket stove. These are great for emergency preparedness, because are nearly smokeless, get HOT, and run on twigs.

5 gallon bucket with Knit a round and lazy susan and handmade tama by garilynn, via Flickr

Store charcoal in 5 gallon buckets. 1 Bag of Charcoal Briquettes will make it possible for you to cook 1 Meal a Day for a whole month. It's a great storage item to have on hand. Add a couple bottles of starter fluid and you're good to go!

Why Every Prepper Should Store 5 Gallon Buckets -Article written by Patty Hahne on February 20, 2014

bucket seats made from 5 gallon paint buckets. I think I'd use oil cloth.

**House Warming Gift** * Home Depot 5-gallon bucket * level * hammer * stud finder * Phillips and flat head screw drivers * wall patch puddy * dry wall screws and nails * champagne, beer and pretzels

5 Gallon Bucket: Emergency Kit

This the season. A 5 gallon deer feeder. Not only is this cheap, but its easy and fast. You can make about 6 of these for the same cost as you can buy one from the store. Parts: 1- 3" PVC drain clean-out tee, 2- 3" PVC 45 degree elbows, 1- 5 gallon bucket and lid, 2- 1 1/4" outdoor-grade screws.


Bucket stools! 5 gallon bucket, 2 layers of quilt padding, covered with fabric and stapled! Next step paint bucket :) Lids lift off to provide storage!

Build Your Own 5 Gallon Bucket Emergency Kit. Everyone should have one of these emergency buckets packed and ready to go. If you only ever do one thing for emergency preparedness, put together one of these kits.

could be a great camp organizer...5 gallon bucket, parts organizer inserted inside, paint cups on the side

5 Gallon Bucket Swamp Cooler DIY Project - Cooling your tent or van. The basic idea for the bucket cooler is just a smaller version of Yellowdog's cooler made from a rubbermade garbage can. An evaporative cooler will reduce the temperature by 20 to 30 degrees. All the ideas that people came up with on this thread are a perfect example of radical self relience! (Bravo!!!)

Stay cool with a 5 gallon bucket no-ice evap air conditioner | Graywolf Survival | #prepbloggers #diy #heat

15 summer activities for kids Best Bubble Recipe: 5 gallon bucket with hot-ish water, 1 container corn syrup, mix, (use your hands its easier), last mix in 1 container dawn. Try to not get it foamy and remove any foam that forms

5-gallon-bucket-survival-kit--getting ready for Hurricane Season

5 gallon buckets made into seats... girls camp... could use to store all their camp trinkets, crafts, manuals, scriptures, etc.

  • Heather W- Hobbyholica

    We made those when I went to camp. They had to have our name on them and ALL our 'luggage' for camp had to fit inside except the sleeping bag & pillow.

DIY AC. This is really easy to make and would help keep the room a lot cooler in the early and late parts of the year. You don't have to have bagged ice in the center either, ice packs or a frozen gallon of water work fine.

  • Cindy Clewett Baatz

    good idea for tent camping

  • Jana Thigpen

    My husband made this, this past weekend minus the solar panel. The measurements the guy gives are alittle off. And it doesn't blow 40degrees like this guy said. Also, the liners are really hard to get, we bought a 3 pack online at Home Depot and they were about $18 and they took 3 weeks to arrive. We couldn't tell the difference between just the fan blowing on us or when it was blowing on the ice. We thru ours away.

  • Mary Barcena

    I would like to know what the liner is

  • Genesia Bennett

    Where can I find the liner?! This is AWESOME!!

  • Justen Salinas-Merkt

    Great! Now who's gonna make it? Lol we don't have a still that fancy!

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Tutorial: Turn a 5 gallon bucket into cute garden storage and a weeding stool