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52 Week Savings

Looking for an alternative to the usual 52 week savings plan? Here are 3 cool ideas!

52 Week Savings Plan --> More money saved!

Savings Challenge: Printable 52 Week Savings Plan! Save $1378 after 52 weeks #savemoney #printable

  • Sara Sanchez

    One for each kid is a fabulous idea!

  • Amee

    That is a good idea.. I am putting away triple one for each kid

  • Sweet Pennies from Heaven

    I'm doing it backwards...that way by the time the end of the year comes I won't have to stick as much back.

52 Week Saving Challenge | Save for Emergency Fund, Holidays, and More! The week number = the amount you put in your savings for the week!

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I'm going to do this backward and save $52 the first week and go down from there so that I have more money in my account at the end of the year when I need it. Plus it will motivate me more to stick with it!

Here's a breakdown of the 52 Week SAVINGS plan broken down by month.

this "save by number" plan is the perfect yearly savings plan for kids to follow.

Mastering the 52 Week Savings Challenge

How To Succeed At The 52 Week Money Challenge » A variation of the challenge my kids and I are using this year. We're saving 1 penny for each day of the year. Day 1 - 1 cent, Day 2 - 2 cents, etc. Of course, we'll have some slacker moments but the weekly totals to make up are easy for my tween and kindergartner to work together to obtain. Divas With A Purpose

52 week saving plan... Obviously the money saved would be used on a trip

Madam Money's 52 Week Savings Challenge. Who's with me?

52 week savings plan - deposit this money into a jar each week and watch how it adds up. Perfect way for me to save for next year's vacation!

52 Week Savings Challenge

Improved 52 week Savings Plan, for those of us on a budget (I only get paid twice a month)

My own version of the 52 week Savings plan! :))