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52 Week Savings

A goal for 2014 for many people is to START a SAVINGS! Sometimes it can be difficult to start saving money as you might not know how much you need to save each month, or feel you cannot work it into your budget. Try a different and easy approach to tackling your savings goals by doing this 52-Week Money Challenge. You begin with $1, and each week add $1 to the amount you are saving (Example: week 1 save $1, week 2 save $2, etc.). By the end of the year, you'll have $1,378!

52 week plan - 26 pay checks Great easy savings for Disney next year :)

Easy 52 Week Savings Plan - Now in a Monthly Edition! — via

How To Succeed At The 52 Week Money Challenge » A variation of the challenge my kids and I are using this year. We're saving 1 penny for each day of the year. Day 1 - 1 cent, Day 2 - 2 cents, etc. Of course, we'll have some slacker moments but the weekly totals to make up are easy for my tween and kindergartner to work together to obtain. Divas With A Purpose

Print a Copy for yourself! If you struggle with saving money during the year this is a great way to save for Christmas, vacation or big event! Have you done the 52 Week Money Challenge? Here’s how it works: For each week of the year (total of 52 weeks) you will save a dollar amount …

52 Week Money Saving Challenge Bi weekly

52 Week Money Challenge - Easy way to start saving money for the new year

52 week savings plan - deposit this money into a jar each week and watch how it adds up. Perfect way for me to save for next year's vacation!

I actually like this better than the 52 week savings calendar, Save about the same without breakng the bank!

Give this super-easy 52-Week savings plan a try, and have an extra $1378 by the end of the year! | The Survival Mom™

Started this with the boy-- already paying weeks off early! Looking to use it for a down payment in a few years... The 52-Week Savings Plan Printable Chart #money #finance #saving

52-week savings plan. Great tips on how to save money this year.

52 week savings plan for 2014 to save almost $4000 #NewYear #Saving #Resolution

52 week money challenge

52 Week Savings Plan by the Month

Looking for an alternative to the usual 52 week savings plan? Here are 3 cool ideas!

52 Weeks Money Challenge - How To Save Money - Find Fun Art Projects to Do at Home and Arts and Crafts Ideas

52 Week Mini Challenge for saving money!

52 Week Money Challenge Printable - Save money easily and painlessly! #Money #Tips #Printable

52 Week Christmas Money Saving Challenge ~ Easier to start out with the larger amounts next time maybe!