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80s Workout

The fun of a new Get in Shape, Girl! workout cassette (and, most importantly, the rockin' accessories it came with). | 53 Things Only '80s Girls Can Understand

The 70's & 80's were pretty much dominated by one shiny, thong-wearing, how-on-earth-did-they-pee-with-tights-on woman: Jane Fonda. Look at all the awesomeness going on in this picture -- belts! suspenders! purple leopard print! mock turtlenecks! halfsie zippers! scrunched matchy-matchy socks! baby dumbbells! And the fizz in this bag of pop rocks? The hair.

haha my dad bought me one of these outfits in the 80's when I was little!!!

let's get physical costume: knit leg warmers, headband, leotard and tights

Splatter paint workout clothes! I would give anything for these!!

Jazzercise or step aerobics with Auntie Ann and Mom!!! What!

Fitness videos in the 80s: Jazzercise, Denise Austin, Charlene Prickett, Bodies in Motion, 20 Minute Workout (hot!), Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda.

1980's - the beginning of workout clothes as everyday fashion....... bleh

1980s workout videos....where all the womens' names were either Debbie or Donna.

Heather Locklear

I had one of these!! It was mont green with a hot pink and white checkerboard platform. Hey, it was the 80s.

Thank you, 1980 for glorifying the posers who hit the gym to color coordinate. Fitness needs to return to the real roots of embracing those who really want to work out and not turn the gym into a crazy attention-seeking fashion show. And when did companies start to market gym ensembles more expensive than the average work attire?! $ 70 for yoga pants is crazy. Sorry, this needs to change. IMO