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80s Workout


haha my dad bought me one of these outfits in the 80's when I was little!!!

Let's Get Physical

Splatter print high leg workout gear

Fitness videos in the 80s: Jazzercise, Denise Austin, Charlene Prickett, Bodies in Motion, 20 Minute Workout (hot!), Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda.

80s workout video Portrait Free Music traks for your Video Making tracksandloops.we...

Bahaha... Alyssa Milano's "Teen Steam" Workout Video Is '80s Gold

Aerobics were totally popular. So was Miss Piggy. Combining the two? Pure genius.

Who remembers LL Cool Jay's Momma Said Knock You Out? Great workout song! :-)

yikes! we all wore these awful running shorts from the 1970s..I have a pair JUST LIKE THESE!

Jane Fonda aerobics, when woman dressed sexy at the gym

1980's - the beginning of workout clothes as everyday fashion....... bleh

#80s #workout #fitness #fashion

Who didn't love Get in Shape, Girl tapes

Theresa, remember you use to collect these.... Troll Dolls ARE BACK!! lol Memories from my Childhood! #80's

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  • Lee Yarnell

    omg, these were the shoes my parents bought me every year when we went school shopping! i thought they were so awesome!

Jazzercise or step aerobics with Auntie Ann and Mom!!! What!

1980s workout videos....where all the womens' names were either Debbie or Donna.

OMG. I used to wear this same outfit to the gym. Minus the shoes.

The fun of a new Get in Shape, Girl! workout cassette (and, most importantly, the rockin' accessories it came with). | 53 Things Only '80s Girls Can Understand

80's Workout Fashion

ahhh the 80s workout pants....Haa!!! So cool :)

Sony VCR...I still use mine (for old school workout tapes)

Workout Queen 80's Fashion Outfit Ideas

workout clothes | Which is the worst workout wear trend from the 80s?