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Ancient Egypt Activities

These three Fact and Opinion activities will help your students practice this sometimes difficult Common Core skill while reading interesting information about Ancient Egypt. Integrating interesting informational text into skill work is a great way to efficiently cover the content and provide enrichment as well.

Ancient Egypt Unit Study: Map of Egypt (plus lots of links for books and hands on activities with instructions- The Unlikely Homeschool

Explore Ancient Egypt! 25 Projects, Activities, Experiments by Carmella Van Vleet is an activity book for young readers ages 6 – 9. The book features 25 hands-on projects, activities, and experiments about pyramids, mummies, amulets, temples, and pharaohs. Kids learn about ancient Egyptian homes, food, money, toys, games, makeup, clothes, kings, mummies, and more.

Ancient Egyptian Mummy Reenactment Activity: Teach students about the mummification process from ancient Egypt with this fun role-playing activity. Lesson plan and printable images of Egyptian burial goods included.

My Website Sleuth activities are a great way to keep kids actively engaged during those last days of the school year! Your students will become internet detectives during these "scavenger hunt" web search activities involving life in the following ancient civilizations: Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus Valley (Ancient India), China, Greece, and Rome. This discounted bundle includes eight different web searches. ($)

R.A.F.T. writing activity for Ancient Egypt

Soaking the papyrus (many ancient Egypt activities on different posts as well.)

Want a fun activity to review vocabulary terms for a unit on ancient Egypt?Looking for an enrichment activity in history? My Ancient Egyptian Secret Message activity involves students reviewing vocabulary terms.Then,following direction, students place letters from the different terms into boxes revealing a "secret message" about Egypt! Additional info on "secret message" is included. www.teacherspayte... $3.00

Using "Hieroglyphics" to translate a Bible verse - fun activity for Ancient Egypt study

Ancient Egypt - FREE Ancient History Lesson Plans & Games for Kids We will be doing a study of Egypt weeks 1&2 of Classical Conversations

King Tut masks and other activities for learning about King Tutankhamen of ancient Egypt.

ancient Egypt unit for 1st graders. Includes two close readings and hands on activities!

KS2 Ancient Egypt- Design a Sarcophagus Activity

Make your own Egyptian collar with a paper plate. Great art project for my class! And other activities.

Maybe good to use in abstract art lesson... Color shapes & colors inside or cut apart for cubism.

Pyramids!: 50 Hands-On Activities to Experience Ancient Egypt --Don't just read about it - do it! Children will become part of ancient Egypt, playing Senat (a game like draughts), dressing in a nemes (head-dress) and male kilt, eating Egyptian honey-barley flatbread, writing in hieroglyphics, dancing like an Egyptian, building a living model of the Nile valley.