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Ancient Egypt Activities

Ancient Egypt Web Quest with activities for all of Gardner's multiple intelligences! Worksheets, requirements, rubrics - all inclusive!

Ancient Egypt Timeline Activity

R.A.F.T. writing activity for Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt - mummify a fish! I couldn't pin the original Exploratorium activity, but this one links to it. This should be cool!

Ancient Egypt Timeline This is a great activity to use with students at the conclusion of a unit on ancient Egypt OR as an anchor activity throughout the unit. Students work together to post several events from ancient Egypt that contributed to its rise and fall as an empire. Their goal is to make a GIANT classroom wall timeline. This is a great way for students to make inferences, observe themes, and note events that promoted Egypt's success as well as those that led to its downfall.

Ancient Egypt Mummy Potato Lab This is a great lab to use in tandem with a lesson on ancient Egyptian mummification, as an introduction to the mummification process, or as an extension activity for students needing enrichment opportunities. The ancient Egyptians used a salt-like substance called natron during the mummification process in order to help preserve the bodies. This lab is meant to help students understand and observe the effects of natron using potatoes and baking soda/salt.

Life in Ancient Egypt: Activities, information, a quiz and more, as well as worksheets, an image bank, weblinks and faqs for teachers.

Ancient Egypt: The Nile River - Information, Notes, and Foldable Activity! Great for Interactive Notebooks!

Great list of ancient egypt hands on activities & projects

Ancient Egypt DIY sarcophagus decorating art project for 2nd grade

Here is a kid-friendly unit packet on Ancient Egypt. This packet includes:Secret Message Writing Activity in HieroglyphsHieroglyphs resources...

Maybe good to use in abstract art lesson... Color shapes & colors inside or cut apart for cubism.

How to mummify a Barbie | 3 in 1: educational activity for Ancient Egypt, upcycling for Barbies altered beyond repair (A bad haircut & "makeup" can be permanent if you're Barbie!), and future Halloween decor! Excellent! Consignment shops & garage sales for parents of boys... - Ancient Egypt blog post with links to activities and ideas

What was life like in Ancient Egypt? This great activity explores a variety of aspects of Egyptian life.

Ancient Egyptian Mummy Reenactment Activity: Teach students about the mummification process from ancient Egypt with this fun role-playing activity. Lesson plan and printable images of Egyptian burial goods included.

Ancient Egypt Unit Study: Map of Egypt (plus lots of links for books and hands on activities with instructions- The Unlikely Homeschool