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Ancient Symbols

The Triskele: A sacred symbol to the Celtic People. It represents the eternal rhythm of life that we are all a part of. This ancient symbol adorned their most sacred places representing the trinity of life, most significantly, it represents the Goddess in all her forms ~ Maiden, Mother & Crone

The ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol representing life, and it´s been joined to a heart to indicate that love is a an important part in life, just like passion and changes are (fire), and hope too (the star).

Anubis, weighing a heart against the feather of Maat, day and night over the pyramids | Philip Yarnell

This is a beautiful and simple tiny tattoo showing a brown flower with five petals, considered an ancient symbol of luck.

This tattoo is the Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) word 'padma' meaning lotus flower. Spiritually, the lotus flower is incredibly symbolic. As I understand it, in many religions it's regarded as a physical representation of the human soul. The lotus starts it's life beneath the murky muddy waters but eventually blossoms into the most beautiful of flowers basking in sunshine.

Guarani Shamanic Healing. ~ This energy-based shamanic healing system uses a series of ancient symbols as vehicles for the energy transmissions. The symbols are multidimensional, and therefore both specific in their application as well as wide-ranging in their scope.

music notes christian | ... musical eighth note and ancient christian symbol ichthys this