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Anime Guys

Ever go to repin an image that you're not even sure who they are or what they're from, but you do it anyway? Just do it. ^__^

anime guy and anime girl in kimono as kitsune

你年少时执着着的许多,终将成为你迟暮岁月感怀无限的青春。 Wat hier geschreven staat, dat weet ik echt niet . JIJ ?

Download anime picture 1134x1471 0.38Mb with idolmaster kikuchi makoto nekopuchi girl short hair solo blue eyes open mouth brown hair tall image looking at viewer hat sundress

Jason Todd moment guys :D were sleeping together lolol

Character inspiration (99.9999% sure about removing red eyes), "The Executor"

Hot anime guy with wings, who chained this guy up?? He looks so innocent! Lol

goth anime guy kissing goth anime girls | Dark Anime Girl (Request) Minecraft Skin

This would be cute to draw give as a baby present if it looked more like a child Maby a littler sister in similar costume give to an expecting friend who already has a daughter.

I'm going to attempt drawing a male... This will be the guy I will try to draw :D

Reminds me of... What's his face XD.... The guy with green hair from Pokemon Black and White, but a girl.

Intense anime guy

The Art Of Animation, Roy Santua

if you guys watch anime can you suggest me some anime series i should watch i prefer fantasy ones but will check out anything

Amnesia... a great anime based off of a game...... Sad but great and love all the the male characters except for Toma I hate that guy alot

Wrapped up anime guy

Anime guy @-@ heheh~

This guy is like... the male version of me.

Morohtar-ish, except he needs scaly wings, not feathered wings.

Anime guy under water

Riordan (Demon) Riordan is very open about who he takes to bed, but he's been favoring males lately. He prides himself that quite a few angels have lost their wings due to him.

Anime guy | Yato (Noragami)

anime guys "I have to get me one of these!!"