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Anime Guys

Things Parisians Do: "Go to the Flore, but not on the tourist side, ew. Parisians have their zones, you guys. Pretend that you know the waiter and Frederic Beidbeger (notorious parisian party animal / writer) 'Yeaaah, he’s a friend. Yeaah, he didn’t say hello right NOW, but that’s a game between us, because we’re such good friends, you see?'" / Garance Doré

Anime Guy, Yoshida My Little Monster 😍😍😍😍😍

It looks like one of the twins off of Ouran high school host club

Anime Hairstyles for Guys | Draw Anime Boys, Step by Step, Anime Males, Anime, Draw Japanese Anime ...

Akihiro Akane. [Writing Takes You Away] Credit goes to the artist. "I've always wanted to know who she was. But it didn't really matter who the author was. It only mattered to me what they wrote."-Akihiro

Red-haired #anime guy. BTW difference between anime and #manga is cell shading in former and continuous or film shading in latter. Tag stuff right!

Connick, Breena and Murder

Anime guy, so cute ^^ He's random, but still cool xD

I started posting my drawings, and I just want to know if you guys and girls wanted me to draw anything. :3. I haven't really drawn anything from a major anime or anything like that, so if you've got a request, or an idea, let me know! :D

police officer anime guy. k, so like if I were ever chose to get arrested for some apparent reason it would want my arrest to be by a guy like him.

new anime guy | Who should win? Be sure to nominate who will reign supreme for this ...

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Kiro Kode[Writing Takes You Away] I don't own any drawing I post. All credit goes to the artist.

Samejima Saitou....Hakuouki.....I love him....He's that awesome but silent guy....Plus he's another one of my anime crushes

Cute anime guys #manga #anime- 4 Hot guys---------- I'm done!!

  • Jennie Park

    U R so very welcome

  • Sharee Owen

    THEY ARE REAL...thank you so much T.T

  • Jennie Park

    I know.. That's why I might just die single T_T

  • Hapsari D.Octorina

    haha you got that point, Jennie Park XD I think so too, but at some point, sometimes, anime n manga chara hotness is beyond imagination o___o

  • Jennie Park

    U DO know that there are real guys that look like that? (P.S. The ones I found are all South Korean)

Hug? Anime guy, manga guy, bishonen, cute guy

I'm really bored, and I need something to draw :) any requests? But not animals I drew them to much.. Anime. Anime characters (:

Hot anime guy with wings, who chained this guy up?? He looks so innocent! Lol

Anime guy absolute favorite.

I can only swim under water (random much my answer yes)

This cute anime guy is from sweet pool. His red eyes are so dreamy. He is such a little cutie.

A Cartoon Light Show Performed on Tombstones in a Mexican Cemetery - Panteon de Dolores. Colorful Mapping and character animation in the cemetery, done by the guys from Llamarada