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Anime Guys

goth anime guy kissing goth anime girls | Dark Anime Girl (Request) Minecraft Skin

Omg I swear I read this one but I can't remember what it's called. I read so many... so cute.

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- I love it when male anime characters have sharp looking eyes, it's as if they can actually see me. ^///^

Mitchel- Shy, quiet, keeps to himself all the time and can get violent.

Wow, a hot picture of Allen walker playing a game of poker!

Anime guy + cat = Perfection. Just sayin' ;] I agree :3

Amnesia... a great anime based off of a game...... Sad but great and love all the the male characters except for Toma I hate that guy alot

Anime guy playing guitar

Anime- I think pippin might wear something like this if he was lost and did not know what he wanted to do to make his life fulfilling.

- This is great.though its anime it sums uo guys perfetly! They like girls who hiss at them.

Sorry the pins have been lacking lately, guys. After hitting 100, I wanted to do something special for you all, but work's kept me too busy, and I've been using up my free time looking for a private classical guitar instructor. So along that note, have some guitar!

police officer anime guy. k, so like if I were ever chose to get arrested for some apparent reason it would want my arrest to be by a guy like him.

looks like a character in one of my stories

Mark Crilley anime hair styles.

Anime Guy with Hoodie | Download Wallpapers, Download 640x960 emo hoodie anime anime boys ...

TUTORIAL: How to Draw Manga 2 by =ember-snow on deviantART

cute anime guy | anime, boy, couple, cute, girl