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April Challenge

amacabredance: April Backbend Challenge Day 4, Wheel Adrian Hummell

5 Medicine Ball Exercises For Couples- Joe & I are participating in an 8 week long couples challenge starting April 15!

April Shred Fitness Challenge - 30-Day Workout Calendar | My Dream Shape!

Go behind the scenes at our photo shoot as SHAPE fitness editor-at-large Jay Cardiello describes the April workout of the month. You'll learn how a foam roller can be used for everything from loosening up your muscles to making strength exercises more challenging without adding any weight.RELATED: 10 More Ways to Use a Foam Roller

April Arms & Ab Spring Challenge | Well-Girl

30 min run+ 40 burpees, 10 mountain climbers + 30 plank jacks+ 30 plank leg lifts. April challenge day 3 done.

P90X Chest Shoulders and Triceps FULL + 25 burpees, 25 Mt. Climbers, 25 squats, 25 plank jacks, 25 high knees Day 11 of April challenge done!!

30 Day Beach Body Challenge. I am going to do my thing the rest of the month, and then do this 1 April 14. This looks intense, so I want to be ready lol.

4/6/12: NTC 15 min workout+ not a girlie workout 22 min from fitstudio+ 50 burpees, 10 mountain climbers, 6 pushups. April challenge day 5 done

Awesome Abs and Arms April Challenge Calendar from Foodies Find Fitness! Great health and fitness blog!

'No Joke' April: April Fitness Challenge... an all-over strength and body toning challenge... with an emphasis on inner/outer thighs. I can do this!!

Real College Student of Atlanta: April fitness challenge

Great way to train: break a challenge down into small, incremental steps. Add a little more each day. | #fitness #workout #health

Pinteresting Summer: Week 10 Weigh-In and My 30 Day Ab and Squat Challenge or Why My Thighs Hate Me

I really like these monthly challenges that Back On Pointe posts! So I combined a few into my own suited to my needs. As a runner trying to get back into shape (as if I was ever in shape), I need to work on my core in order to improve my speed, SO this challenge targets your ABS and your BUTT. I’m gonna try to do this for April!

2014 has been a great start to getting back into a fitness regimen for me. I started out with the P90X3 challenge and have lost more than 20 pounds. I completed P90X3 the beginning of April and I a...

I started my 30 Day Ab Challenge on April 1st, 2013. I've been doing this routine everyday and will take daily pictures of my progress. I got this fitness inspiration from

APRIL's 30 Day PLANK Challenge ~ this was created for BEGINNERS to do the plank challenge; to work your way up to a 2-minute plank. Next month, you can increase the seconds to reach a 3-minute plank...this is doable!