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Habitable Polyhedron, a small geometric pod that’s a small private getaway from domestic life. Designed by Colombian architects Manuel Villa and Alberto González Sepúlveda.

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Hearst Tower: The six-story base of the headquarters building was commissioned by the founder, William Randolph Hearst and awarded to the architect Joseph Urban. Originally built as the base for a proposed skyscraper, the construction of the tower was postponed due to the Great Depression. The new tower addition was completed nearly eighty years later, and 2,000 Hearst employees moved in on 4 May 2006.

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Le Corbusier - 1887-1965. Swiss born architect,designer who was a pioneer of high design in modern architecture. Constructed buildings all over the world. He was dedicated to providing better living conditions for residents of crowded cities.

Urban Forest, Chongqing, China MAD architects' new project 'Urban Forest' is located in Chongqing, China. Urban Forest is a commercial high-rise building that takes the form of an urban mountain with over 70 floors, each one different and unique. Each floor is seen as a separate and unique level of the urban forest and is meant to combine both nature and the urban metropolis.

The Cleveland Public Library, 1925 Walker & Weeks, architects

Asmacati Shopping Center | Tabanlioglu Architects I realize this isn't a diagram but I love the light patterns this canopy creates. It is amazing.

school 03, Amstelveen, Holandia i29 | Interior architects, Snelder Architects

Sanjay Puri Architects - Mumbai - Architects I would love to see the floor plans for this building. :)

Paris, France~Wonderful Art Nouveau door, architect Hector Guimard~PAR_AN Rue La Fontaine 14IMGP1647 photo by Nouveau Voyages, via Flickr

Holy view, Batman! And let's talk about the lighting, shall we? Spectacular. | SAOTA | Cape Town, South Africa

Dream home. California. ah, even one level would be amazing like this.

Vega Cottage by Kolman Boye Architects "Location: Vega, Norway" 2012

Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center in Reykjavik, Iceland. Designed by Henning Larsen Architects and Olafur Eliasson