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Universal Psychic Guild on Tumblr: Photo ..

Celtic Astrology is one of the most powerful systems of astrology using nothing but NATURE! Take a peek to see what you are. ~Moon Priestess

Wow,, when in doubt, this always works for me. lol The length of rope always tells the story!

GEMINI. Designed with the popular subway-style typography, this print delineates the traits (the good ones anyway) that are commonly associated with each astrological sign.

A Cancer's expression of sadness - isolation from everyone. OMG I don't usually go in for the astrology signs crap, but this is sOoooooO true of me

For all of the June Bugs out there :) P.S.- If you go to the website you can also get your birthday month!

Zodiacal signs, cusps Aries / Taurus, Taurus / Gemini, Gemini / Cancer, Cancer / Leo, Leo / Virgo, Virgo / Libra, Libra / Scorpio, Scorpio / Sagittarius, Sagittarius / Capricorn, Capricorn / Aquarius, Aquarius / Pisces, Pisces / Aries

"Virgos are not really complicated, but at the same time they are. The reason being, on the surface they are so calm, collected, reserved, and down-to-earth. Inside however, there is a WHOLE lot going on especially in their mind. They will usually paint the picture that everything is okay, but they are dealing with a host of things and their own criticisms top the list."

yep. if you don't have any brains I'll be bored very quickly and my mind will wander elsewhere

Leo-- my south node sign (The South Node represents our karmic past and symbolizes innate talents. Karmically, it also represents lifetimes in which in which we've mastered certain lessons — AND where we've become so comfy, we also get stuck in the ‘lower vibration” of that sign.)

SAGITTARIUS. Designed with the popular subway-style typography, this print delineates the traits (the good ones anyway) that are commonly associated with each astrological sign.

Aquarius love..Candid,witty,trail blazer,rebellious,original,etc :)

I never gave much thought or had stock in horoscopes & zodiac stuff...but this describes me better than I could describe myself!

Leo ... hates asking for favors.... hit the nail on the head! Always trying to be self reliant... don't NEED anyone's help! Shy sometimes on the inside, love being funny! If we trusted you and you betray us we will stick a fork in you, cause your Done! Off with your head!!!

Zodiac - Pisces - 11x14 Poster Art Print. $19.00, via Etsy.

Virgo love @Ashley Bankroff @Marta Kennebec ;) ♥

Wolf/Hound Oct 28 - Nov 24 Strong sense of purpose, go to great lengths to see their point is made & understood. Wolf is fearless, brave, rarely compromise. Wolf's the hero you want in battle. They will not back down. Others marvel at their inner fortitude. They thrive on challenge. They have impeccable character and honor. Strong willed, and can live up to the “lone wolf” label. You always know where you stand with them, and they will unite with you as long as you share their cause.

The best romantic matches for your astrological sign

Capricorns were born adults and become more youthful with age. -- Sherene Schostak | #astrology #capricorn #horoscope

This one says I'm a fig - FIG TREE (sensibility) very strong, a bit self-willed, independent, does not allow contradiction or arguments, loves family, children and animals, a social butterfly, sense of humor, likes idleness and laziness, of practical intelligence.

Birthday stone chart. I always thought March was aquamarine... I like bloodstone better ;)