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Autism Awareness

AUTISM AWARENESS Unfortunately I tend to be the main audience to this as he tries with all his might to just be at school...

Teach new skills one on one. Complement them on what matters to them. Be curious and let them show you how they see the world. (View only)

Autism Awareness: Visual Schedule Freebie from Miss B's Special Education Classroom on - (4 pages) - Autism Awareness: Visual Schedule Freebie

These easy-to make meters help children with Asperger's to increase their awareness of voice volume, personal space and levels of formality.

A Mind Map, created in PowerPoint, that works as a poster or as a mini presentation that could be used as part of staff training or to build awareness. The areas presented are not exhaustive but give some ideas on support that could be needed for pupils with autism.

Autism Awareness!! This is some thing I wish we could find a cure for!! All kids want that have it is for someone to love and care about them!!

Worry Cards | Anxiety is common in children with Asperger's and other autism spectrum disorders. Here is a set of 32 cards for you to download and cut out to play a therapy game. The cards feature eight children with different anxiety profiles. Card users identify with the children described on the cards and increase awareness of their own anxiety issues.

Okay i know it says autism awareness.. and thats not why i pinned it.. but the whole quote on the side describes my little guy.. he tries so hard.. to just communicate, and people get so frustrated with him, and so mad.. and he gets frustrated.. if i could give everyone ONE thing, it would be patience.. patience when interacting with my son.. thats all he wants.. patience and love.

autism awareness puzzle piece ornament craft

Beautiful autism awareness logo made by Zach Welch for the Virtuous Women Charity

I have one of these autism awareness keychains, but how neat are they! I want more. $3

Special needs family # Autism #Awareness

You say my kid is having a meltdown in public. I say call it raising autism awareness LOUDLY. Hahaha Love it!

April-Autism Awareness

Autism awareness. If I had a dime for everytime I've heard..well, he doesn't look like he has autism.