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Baked Okra

Stuffed eggplant and crispy baked okra recipe. Paleo side or main dish.

Spirals & Spatulas: Baked Okra

Almond Crusted Baked Okra

This is crunchy baked okra.....just within the past few months I learned the secret to fried okra (and green tomatoes!). Why so hard, you ask? Cause I'm from the north and Yankees don't fry food. Fortunately marrying a Mississippi boy will help motivate you to learn. :) oh, and having his mom to learn from really helps.

paleo crispy baked okra - another great recipe for roasted vegetables!

Okra ...slice into thin rounds, toss with 1 tsp olive oil, then mix 1 tsp salt, 2 tsp cumin, 2 tsp chili powder, dash garlic powder, 1/2 oz ground almonds and toss with okra. Bake at 400 for 20 min.

Crunchy Baked Okra ~ 1 lb fresh okra, cut in 3/4 in slices /1 c cornmeal + 1/2 c panko crumbs + 1/2 t kosher salt / 1/2 c buttermilk + 1 beaten egg. Toss cut okra in buttermilk mixture, let stand 3 mins; remove okra from buttermilk dredge in cornmeal mixture. Spread dredged okra onto a baking sheet coated with cooking spray; sprinkle with additional kosher salt. Bake in 450 degree oven for 30-35 mins,, stirring once, until golden brown crispy.

I am an avowed enemy of all things okra and have been since I was a kid, but this was actually yummy enough that I ate a whole pan by myself for lunch. NO SLIME if you bake them long enough! I used two tsp of evoo and sea salt for a 9x6 pan

Spicy Baked Okra - grace grits and gardening

This soup features the beauties of the summer harvest: squash, corn, red peppers, basil and okra. Use baked or rotisserie chicken to make this recipe even simpler, or omit the chicken all together for a vegetarian meal.

Healthy Baked Whole Okra Recipe with Olive Oil and Sea Salt | #food #okra #healthy #recipe

Crunchy Baked Okra-1 cup yellow cornmeal; 1/2c panko bread crumbs; 1T kosher salt; 1/2t fresh ground black pepper; 1/ t crushed red pepper; 1/2c fat free buttermilk; 1 egg, lightly beaten; 1 lb fresh okra, trimmed, cut into 3/4" slices. See comment for rest of recipe

Crunchy Baked Okra-I bed this would be great with many other veggies as well. Maybe green beans?

Baked Grouper Recipe | SAVEUR This is really delicious. I added okra and it was even better.

Crunchy Baked Okra 1 bag frozen, cut okra (or fresh, if it’s in season) 2 tablespoons cornmeal 3 tablespoons panko breadcrumbs (if you don’t have panko, regular will work just fine) 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 1/2 teaspoon grated parmesan cheese 2 eggs

Baking Outside the Box: Low Carb Shrimp Gumbo. 20 minutes to make. No okra! :)

Fried Pecan Okra | Crushed pecans and baking mix form the crisp breading for this classic Southern-style side.

Crunchy Baked Okra ~~~ BestYummyRecipes

Roasted okra : slice fresh okra and drizzle with lemon olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder. Bake @ 425 for 20-25 minutes, (depending on how crispy you like it) stirring in 10-minute increments.

Tine's Kitchen: Baked Okra

Oven baked okra...less the fat same crunch!

Gluten Free Fried Okra /// YES! @Melanie Childress-Armistead Keels

"Fried okra is probably my favorite, but we all know how unhealthy it can be. Plus, I’m not a big fan of frying in my kitchen.. too messy. That’s why I turn to this baked okra recipe all the time. It’s pretty healthy and super easy to prepare. It also gives you that crunchy satisfaction that usually comes from fried okra...

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