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Behind Ear Tattoos

want the bottom one on my left hand middle finger, right inside. Represents thought, direction, protection and moving forward. Pretty special for several reasons. ♥

heart tattoo but behind the ear.

I Want a tattoo like this behind my ear only a ribbon representing childhood cancer. In honor of my close cousin who passed away a few years back.

If I ever did have a tattoo, it might be one of these... very small though and on the ankle:) so cute !

Mermaid tattoo! :) I want this and light pretty gills behind my ears... so bad

Girls Tattoo # 41 - The cutest and most delegated tattoo ever. How many of you agree? Pin and like it:)

I've always loved the idea of getting a small tattoo behind my ear. Just afraid it would not be accepted depending what I decide on doing with my life.

I love getting asked if these are real. Behind the ears sun and moon tattoo.

peacock feather neck/behind the ear tattoo. I've had this tattoo idea in my head for the longest time.

simple lion tattoo, on the right middle. Placement on ribs or behind ear

Tinkerbell tattoo. I want it behind my ear and I want her to look like she's peeking out of it. :)

Like the placement. Original pinner: "Let It Be tattoo behind the ear. Least painful one so far!"

Small elephant tattoo

Feather tattoo behind ear. So cute!

Cross tattoo behind ear. Matching one with the best friend :)

Behind the Ear Tattoos - Socialphy

Tattoos inked behind the ear are cool because they are easily hidden and can’t be seen by just anyone. This girl’s ear tattoo depicts a black and white swallow in flight, its body curving around, almost mimicking the outline of her ear. The swallow tattoo is fairly simple and the ...

Angelic Symbol Tattoo that means Embrace Life - love the way it incorporates the infinity symbol and the treble clef

30 Cute Behind the Ear Tattoos

I like this. Would like this on side n a sun on the other n placed behind each ear.

or maybe i should get this tattoo as the tattoo i want behind my ear..

faith hope love tattoo...can't wait this one is going down my side Big or small behind the ear not this exact one but the one I have drawn up is very similar!

this pic is supposed to be for her tattoo but i love her highlights

Native American Tattoos For Women | Tattoo Design Picture By Jerez Tattoo: Native,american,indian,feather - Click for More...

I really want to get this behind my ear in memory of my Nana... her favorite animal was a hummingbird and I always loved listening to her sing me to sleep