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Behind Ear Tattoos

beauty and the beast rose tattoo - Google Search behind my ear!!

cute little heart tattoo. I would love to get a small one like this on my finger

I like these small tats, just not where they are currently. I'm thinking the eye on a wrist or heel or behind the ear

Elephants are extremely protective of their young and members of their herd. This offers symbolism to people getting tattoos who place the value of their families above everything else. Elephants will die to protect their family.... Why I want an elephant tattoo for my family.

batman tattoo... I'm thinking behind my ear

Always wanted a tattoo behind my ear... maybe not this one but I love the placement

i want a cool octopus tattoo behind my ears

Behind ear tattoo

Small Dove tattoo. In purple for Crohn's Awareness. Maybe on my wrist. Or behind my ear. by sally tb

My tattoo :) behind the ear, lucky horseshoe, equestrian life love it

Little tattoo behind the ear of three little swallows.

bird tattoo-- love it because it is so small, but i think i would do the back of my neck or behind an ear

I like the idea of doing this--or something else with that anchor/root sentiment--with my sisters. Maybe behind the ear though.

A #Valentines Kiss and Hug: XO Temporary Wrist Tattoos. Perfectly sized for wrists but also cute in unexpected places like your inner arm, behind an ear, or on your ankle.

I want my bird tattoo that's behind my ear covered with this one!

This would be a pretty yet simple tattoo

Faith, Hope Love tattoo! Maybe this one will be "the one". But I want it behind my ear not my foot

Kristina Webb's "Refuse to Sink" tattoo(:. Gonna get this behind my ear really small

Simple hummingbird tattoo behind the ear love how simple it is and the placement is perfect

i want a ~1-2cm tattoo of: a flying bird silhouette/ a plane/ a music note/ a sun, on: wrist/ finger / behind ear/ ankle. most likely, a flying bird silhouette, not sure about placement. i think bird on finger, music behind ear, sun on ankle or something would be nice

small phoenix tattoo behind ear. wonder what this would look like in white ink...

Pisces Tattoo without the zodiac sign. Would be cute behind the ear or maybe even on the back of the neck (:

getting this exact tattoo but behind my ear!! 5 of us girls I'm in cosmetology school are getting it, going to be a blast:)

behind the ear tattoos | Makems » small tattoo behind ear Graphic

Mermaid tattoo! :) I want this and light pretty gills behind my ears... so bad