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Behind Ear Tattoos

Curly pony , spikes, behind ear tattoo, ray bans, blue jeans

Leopard print behind ear tattoo

I actually really like this idea. I've always battled my brain in trying to turn it off at night.

Mermaid tattoo! :) I want this and light pretty gills behind my ears... so bad

  • Deitra White

    Oh I'm sure she can that's just an idea of what I want but I would certainly let her make it better

  • Chelsea Long

    I had to read the comments to see what it was supposed to be Deitra....I'm sure Becky can do better..... :-)

  • Deitra White

    this is what I want

  • Samantha Kile

    Yeah definitely still on the thigh but this one is so cool like the real you is a mermaid

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Bow and arrow tattoo design behind my ear

Sister tattoo- already have one with my sister but another for my brother possibly? :)

I would get this behind my ear. It's like a little secret

  • Brandon Wilson

    Shanan, its a white ink tattoo... it wont fade to nothing itll fade and look like a scar ive seen em. My brothers a tattoo artist

  • shanan woodard

    or you could leave it blank, how dumb it will be faded to nothing in months, get a real tattoo

  • Rachel

    Sooo sexy and perfect!!

  • Catherine Brown

    That's the boob!

Aquarius tattoo. I would get this on my neck, probably or behind one of my ears. Maybe even on the inside of my index finger

25 "Lord Of The Rings" Tattoos That You Wish You Had. This one is so cute. Might get the hobbit hole one behind my ear, just with a bit more flow to the ink like calligraphy

Small behind ear tattoo, Leo symbol with heart. Done at Anipeg Tattoo...this is #5! :-D

Alice in wonderland tattoo

Tree tattoo, wrist tattoo, small tattoo

Horse Cameo Tattoo | butterfly tattoo by stuntmanmike666 on deviantart - pretty!

Behind ear tattoo- I want to get the word Echo

sagittarius tattoo bottom one behind the left ear

Harry Potter tattoo, more tasteful than others! I like the placement behind the ear. I definitely want the DH symbol somewhere.

behind the ear tattoos | love tattoos! [birds-behind-the-ear]

ohana means family - lilo & stitch - behind the ear tattoos

beauty and the beast tattoo. maybe tiny behind my ear - maybe with the words - you're running out of time.

Tiny Texas Tattoo. I once saw a girl with a tattoo like this behind her ear. It made my day, because she was in Washington state. Might be one of the very few tattoos I would actually get.