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whenyourebadyourebetter: Sometimes I feel like I should write to Mattel and thank them for inadvertently providing the bimbo, objectification and dollification with a ideal and a mascot. Barbie wasn’t meant to be something that had this much impact, but (much as the fake look always had some attraction) it represents the beginning of the concept of the modern bimbo. Initially she was just a doll - plastic, exaggerated, everything that a doll would normally be. And then millions of women bought…

Wearing giant platform heels to the supermarket is making grocery shopping a tricky task for Courtney Stodden, who was spotted struggling to reach the bottom shelf in her out-of-control heels on Dec. 11, 2013.

lexithong: I wish I was locked in a pink room and slowly turn into a bimbo every day.

commenting on the shoes, not the chick... - #YouBusted

She's gorgeous, but there's something sexy about girls who build upon their natural beauty rather than bleach the shit out of it.

Gorgeous tanned legs in sexy white dress & hot pink heels!!

always makes me want to go platnium when i see it

Sadly I kinda think she's hot... Sad cuz she looks ver ver fake ..

Herra varjele! I would say that if your daughter wants to go to the prom looking like this - or if your son wants to go with a girl looking like this - YOU HAVE FAILED MISERABLY AS A PARENT TO TEACH YOUR CHILD HEALTHY SELF ESTEEM AND GOOD VALUES!!! (And, also, it's too late to regret it. Let her. Be ready to correct your lousy parenting with your grandchildren. As their mother won't be able to do that.)

Let's face it, some boys just wanna grow up to be pretty princesses! hehe

barbiebimboslut: skinny-barbiebitch: bimbopartygirl: welltrainedbitch: Woken up in bimbo appreciation mode never mind the aesthetics, i...

Fuck Feminism! If I looked like her, then I'd love to be odjectified!

valeria lukyanova...i WISH i could look like this! lol, just gotta get fake boobies, learn how to do amazing makeup, grow my hair out a million inches (or use extensions i suppose) annnnd gain like 12inches in length in my legs lmao! but for realllll she is gorgeous!!

Legs, Legs, Legs — bodsbabesboobs: Hotel room door

she is an angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So you bee, and she has your shoes too

Dressed For Shopping Not sure whether it's the skirt, the shoes or the big flower ... but she really stands out...for the better.