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Bimbos and Party Sluts ~ Bimbo World

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commenting on the shoes, not the chick...

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whenyourebadyourebetter: Sometimes I feel like I should write to Mattel and thank them for inadvertently providing the bimbo, objectification and dollification with a ideal and a mascot. Barbie wasn’t meant to be something that had this much impact, but (much as the fake look always had some attraction) it represents the beginning of the concept of the modern bimbo. Initially she was just a doll - plastic, exaggerated, everything that a doll would normally be. And then millions of women bought…

♫♪ I ride my bike, I roller skate, don't drive no car. Don't go too fast but I go pretty far...♫♪

Barbie or Bimbo ?... Yes...

Night out- outfit except longer shorts!!!

Bimbos and Party Sluts ~ Bimbo World

The greatest thing about this Mirror Mirror Necklace is that it won’t even come close to mentioning Snow White (or any other bimbo) when you ask it who the fairest is. Besides, you’ve got this mirror on a chain lea