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Birthday Wishes Daughter

Writing a letter to your daughter what you are thankful for

daughter birthday quotes best wishes for my sweet angle

my daughter just luvs to find the "wishing flower" outside & make a this would be cute for to have....I'm going to have to make this asap while they're poping up in my backyard :)

Do you ever wish you could go back and give your teenage self some advice? I wrote a letter to my daughter on her sixteenth birthday, giving her all the advice I wish I had received as a young woman.

Hmmn - a nice LARP Pistol holster - no idea when I might use this - but nifty

Oh I wish I'd seen this for my older daughters first birthday!!!!!!!!!

True, I'm so happy that our first child was a daughter. I never forget that moment when she told us: you've got a daughter. She was born a few hours before my day of birth, she was the best gift on my birthday ever! A very special moment. Always when I think about that moment, it makes me feel verry happy. Then we got another daughter and some years later a son! What could we wish for more?

Love this idea! - omg i wish i would've known about this for my daughter's bday last year. she was obsessed with barney!

Easiest Minnie Mouse Cupcake Ever!!!!!! NO Fondant!!! It's a Fruit Roll Up Bow! I wish I had thought of this before my daughter's sixth birthday party! Darn!

So clever! These Elmo-ized bubbles would be a great party favor! Note: A LOT of really cute ideas for an Elmo birthday party. Wish I had seen this for my older daughter's Elmo party. Will definitely use these for my younger daughter's. Second Note: This pin is pictures only. But really cool ideas, and most look easy to do - and fun!

Sweet Pink Baby Minnie Mouse Cupcake Birthday Tutu Set I wish I got this for my daughter on her first birthday because it fits the theme :)

Oh they left off being lied to . And youmcould not even call my daughter and wish her a happy birthday , what a bitch you have become. Dont say you loved her either, your actions have proved to me what kind of person you really are.

I wanna wish my god daughter a very Happy 4th Birthday may god continue to bless u always we love u! #J

I held a "Madeline" themed birthday for our daughter....with passports for each girl (using instant polaroid camera), blue capes, berets the whole nine yards...wish I had known about these cookies then!!!

Birthday Wishes to My Daughter | Happy Birthday to my little girl. I wish you to love life and never ...

Happy Birthday Daughter For Facebook | Birthday wishes topic! )) - Enrique Iglesias

Stampin' Up! Birthday by AEstamps a Latte...: Happiest Birthday wishes to my daughter!

Super simple and cheap. I just wish my daughter's hair wasn't so darned thick!