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Blacksmith Projects

Looks like an SCA blacksmithing project/hot tub gone weirdly awry. Mmmm, human soup! 0_o;

Mini Railroad Spike Bottle Opener Key Chain by IronOakFarm on Etsy, $15.00

"Blacksmithing : hot techniques & striking projects" by Jose Antonio Ares

Top 5 Knife Making Tutorials | Blacksmithing & Forging | DIY Forge, Knife Making Projects and Anvil Crafting Tutorials at


my welding project with light!

Blacksmithing Tools for Beginners |Blacksmithing & Forging | Blacksmithing Shop Hammers and Other Tools at|#pioneersettler | #homesteading | #selfreliance

Project for the hubs. Hand Forged Door Knocker by Reeds Blacksmith Shop

  • Dawn Hoefer

    Will definitely have my daughter get some of these made for wedding gifts!


A cool little candle holder from D & S Horseshoe Design


Ornate metal gate by Andrew T. Crawford

Metalsmithing 1: Basic Goldsmiths, silversmiths, and blacksmiths all use hammers to shape metal by forging, raising, sinking and forming. These age-old techniques are the foundation for making metal objects of all sizes, including jewelry. Take this class and learn the basics of smithing, using several types of hammers.

How to Make a Knife in a Survival Situation | Blacksmithing & Forging | DIY Forge, Knife Making Projects and Anvil Crafting Tutorials at |#pioneersettler | #homesteading | #selfreliance

  • William Porter

    Industrious, is what made this country, along with innovation, and Genius mentality.

Island Blacksmith: Hand forged reclaimed axes made from antique tools

My husband has gotten into blacksmithing and this was his first project ever. He made a knife out of a railroad tie.--- correction railroad spike.

Blacksmith Project

B+D7: Phoenix Handcraft "Kyle Lucia and Johannah Willsey’s Phoenix Handcraft studio celebrates old materials fused with new. He’s a blacksmith, she’s a mosaic artist and both derive the greatest satisfaction from collaborative projects. "

Reeds Blacksmith Shop: Door Hardware

Blacksmithing Day 9 Project: Hammer Hanger

Blacksmithing Day 11 Project: a Fork

Project for my Son, the blacksmith. I love it, got to have it!

Horseshoe Welding Projects | Hooks, hearts, and horseshoe heart hooks | The Pirate Blacksmith of NC

Blacksmith at Work. Aaron Petersen shows the blacksmithing techniques involved to forge a Rams Head Fire Tool.

Blacksmith, Matsue, Japan | Blacksmith demonstration by STONE project. Here a traditional local village Blacksmith in Matsue, Japan demonstrates excellent examples of forging in charcoal fire and manipulation and tempering of iron.