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Blacksmithing Good Habits with Paul Garrett by John C. Campbell Folk School -

blacksmithing+projects+out+of+railroad+spikes | blacksmith spike knives | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Accent Pieces - A Natural Connection with Bill Epps by John C. Campbell Folk School -

For your handyman: Upcycled Vintage Wrench Bottle Opener by territoryhardgoods, $23.00

Island Blacksmith: Hand forged reclaimed axes made from antique tools

possible blacksmith project

Aspen Boulder Shelf a use for the free marble we just got...the smaller piece...loose the leaves..make it more vines...twists and spirals вообще сама по себе полка из серого гранита хороша... к ней еще с боков мааленькие ограничители на разном уровне и красота...

blacksmithing projects out of railroad spikes - Bing Images

Hanging Link Mailbox-This design uses a locking mailbox and a new twist on our usual mailbox joinery.

blacksmithing+projects+out+of+railroad+spikes | Railroad Spike Knife | Portfolio

blacksmithing projects out of railroad spikes | ... Forged High Carbon Steel Railroad Spike Knife – Blacksmith Floyd, VA

Treadle sledgehammer. The smithing possibilities! Or just a wonderful way to crush cans.

A neat old farm table. Original hand hewn uprights from an old granary. Amazing workmanship from a real blacksmith hammering out 3/4in x 3in curves to bring the table together. Wonderful white oak top full of character and variation.

wine glass stake | Handforged Wine Glass Stakes.. | Blacksmithing Projects

Blacksmithing 101: How to forge an axe step by step