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Bleached Hair

short blonde hair... too blonde, but like the medium/short length!

Bleach blonde hair with blue highlights for summer ♥

I definitely see why people think we have the same hair.

I wish there was a way to get ombre hair without actually bleaching your hair. I just love it so much.

My hairstylist used this on my hair, and now I'm addicted. I had bleached my hair blonde for eight years, and recently went back to a dark chestnut brown. Needless to say, I had destroyed the condition of my hair. However, Agadir oil has brought it back to looking amazing. It leaves my hair with a weightless shine, has a wonderful scent, and after using it for the last month, I can feel a definite difference in my hair. $14.25

normally i wouldn't be a huge fan of blue pastel, as i find the pinker shades a bit more subtle and can flow more into an outfit, but i love the look here. perfect for summer i think!

i LOVE this hair coloring, redish brown hair, black under, and bleach blonde highlights around the face.

Balayage colour technique: darker base colour working creamy blonde through the front mid-lenghts ends. Works well with a haircut with lots of natural movement texture

i LOVE this hair coloring, redish brown hair, black under, and bleach blonde highlights around the face.

such a pretty burgandy red color, that's always the color I'd wanted to dye my hair when I was younger but it didn't show up in my hair cause I never bleached it first

☮✿★ COLORFUL HAIR ✝☯★☮ I want pastel colored hair badly

Pixie cut - cause I ruined my hair by turning it to mush from leaving the bleach on too long. Need to cut it all off! Fml

Bleach London Super Cool Colours Love Sienna Millers new rose gold hair colour? Heres how to get the look at home!

another pinner said "With colored treated, bleached, dry, and heat processed hair this is something you need in your routine ASAP. Macadamia oil helps your hair get back to it's original state and helps with growing your hair out. Not only does it strengthen hair, but it brings back moisture that your hair loses from heat and color."

Ombre-I might try this one day. I'm always afraid ombre would end up looking like I dyed/bleached my hair and then my natural color grew out, but this looks good, like it was done on purpose and not out of laziness.

asian hair has red undertones in it, which when lightened, become orange and brassy. asians should look to ash colored dye in order to counter the red/orange-unnatural-looking hair that results from bleaching.

Bleached blonde hair, fake nails and eyelashes... yep I love it!!!

How to Bleach your Hair Platinum Blonde or White/ This girl actually knows what shes talking about!!!!

DIY Red Ombre Hair Tutorial.... VERY similar to my hair currently, I didn't bleach the ends though, so my red isn't AS bright.

Fall Ombre Color. Rich dark. Perfect for a first timer who'd like to ease into some ombre coloring, without so much commitment to bleached blonde ends. Sign up for free on our website for more Naked to Knockout tips!

A) I wish I was this tan B) love the lip color C) love the combination of the color with a plain top and little other makeup. Don't even mind the hair, because with her skin color it almost looks naturally sun bleached at the ends. All around win.

bleach blond hair full dark brows and no make up

Loving the bleach blonde+dark roots look