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Bleached Hair

people don't understand how bad I want dark purple under my regular hair. So dark that it blends in with the rest of my hair. And not a lot, either. Just enough to make someone ask themselves every once in awhile, "Hey, did I just see a hint of purple in her hair?"

Base colour of my hair is dark brown. I bleached thrice using La Riche Directions Hair Lightening Kit 30% Vol before dyeing over the bleached parts with Alpine Green and Turquoise which are both from La Riche Directions. Hair did not get damaged at all! :) would so do this but in purple

Pink and Platinum pixie - brb bleaching the crap outta my hair again.

Redhead Ombre (The hair color is a 5RV mixed with 7CC and 20 volume peroxide, the ends are bleached to create the ombre effect)

Sometimes, late at night, bleach still calls to me in a harsh whisper, telling in verse the chronicle of our old love affair . . .

Can't decide what shade of purple to dye your hair? Why not both light and dark purple? Ta-da! Also, are those acid-bleach shorts?

another pinner said "With colored treated, bleached, dry, and heat processed hair this is something you need in your routine ASAP. Macadamia oil helps your hair get back to it's original state and helps with growing your hair out. Not only does it strengthen hair, but it brings back moisture that your hair loses from heat and color."

This look can be achieved with bleached platinum blonde hair and sectioned off parts of platinum used with overuse of shimmer lights..& a dark purple/burgundy under color .trust me..a lot easier too ;) ♥ it!

I wish I could get to this level of blonde.... How to Safely Bleach Hair Platinum Blonde

"heavy fine foil with bleach and wheat colored blonde on medium light brown hair" really like this color, but more low lights

If I ever cut my hair short it might look something like this. Not bleach blonde.

How to Lighten/bleach your hair!!! Ingredients shampoo conditioner hydrogen peroxide baking soda Paint on the mixture desired pieces of dry hair that you want lightened. Cover it with tinfoil or a plastic bag. Check back after an hour and see how its doing. If it looks good, wash it out. Once washed out and dried, if it is still not lightened, put more on an leave it on for a longer period of time. condition your hair after your done because it dries your hair

DIY Balayage Highlights: For each individual thin highlight, tease the hair near the scalp (this helps the highlight look more natural, and eliminates the "line") , next apply bleach about two- three inches away from scalp. Wrap in Saran Wrap, to watch processing...

This girl is beautiful. pastel bleached hair. Red lips. winner!!

36 Pics Of Celebs I Wish Really Had Pastel Hair photo

might be a little long, but gorgeous hair

I love this shampoo and conditioner. I own the entire line....I used to have bleach blonde hair & I think this saved it from breaking apart.

This is sort of similar to my new haircut! Chopped off my long scraggy bleached hair, Alexa Chung's color & Jessicka Addams cut :) LOVING IT

Messy loose fishtail 1)dampen hair (for sticky beachy use mixture of 2parts water and 1part salt change mixtures if u don't want as sticky or hair color bleaches easily) 2) run fingers through and shake around 3) fishtail hair (leaving bangs out) 4) do bangs to your style 5)shake hair and pull braid apart to loosen

Beautiful long ombre hair- I keep picking the warm base tones for you! I like the bleached out bottoms!

My hair is naturally ombrè lately because it was bleach blonde for a year and when i dyed my hair back to brunette, the bleach is still underneath, trying to fight its way out! & i love her hair bc it looks like un-brushed Hippie Hair! (& mine looks like this on a daily basis!)

Pink hair! Love this shade!! I wish I could have crazy hair.

long-blonde hair

again, not tattoo-related, but exploring hair options!

Sky Ferrari blue hair from Bleach London