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Blue Hair Streaks

Oh how I miss my blue ombré hair. I would still have it if the processing didn't make my hair look damaged. I at least still have my blue streaks!

How to do blue hair chalk. Complete this streak of blue with a braided half-do. We used Blue Ocean Cruise by L’Oréal Professionnel. Flaunt this pretty feminine look on a night out with your friends!

Gotta try the (wash-out) blue streaks this summer! Two Ways to Do Safe, Wash-Out Hair Color | Black Girl with Long Hair

Blue and purple hair with blonde streaks

Hair chalking...who knew regular chalk could be used as temporary hair colour? Never dyed my hair but this I might be tempted by :)

short black hair with blue streaks | Black Hair With Blue Highlights Hairstyles Kpemcr

I want to dye my hair blue for summer :) just have to decide if I'm willing to do it all or just streaks or tips :)

black hair with blue streak, so cute

Wait until I retire (just 5 years) . . I'm gonna color my hair! Lavender and turquoise streaks. The lavender had started out pink, and gradually turned purple as it mixed with the blue more with each wash.

Black Hair With Blue Tint | What color streaks should i have in my hair? My hair is dark brown and ...

Love the color id never dye all my hair blue but streaks would be fun

Mermaids when on land in human form have blue hair or blue streaks in hair that they have dyed. So if a Mermaid/man dyes his/her hair black then blue streaks will always be present.

Magenta and blue streaks, can't wait to do this to my hair !

So pretty. And i can use my hair chalk to put blue streaks in my hair :)

Gray hair with blue streaks!! If I didn't work at a bank this would be my hair.

Grey/silver blue streaked Hair. Colorful braid. don't think i could ever do this but wow it would be cool!

'Hidden' purple streaks with a little bit of blue in my blonde hair. That's right, that was my head the day after I had it done :] I still love it a month later!

brown with blue highlights | Browse Brown Hair With Purple And Blue Highlights Picture similar ...

Blue streaks underneath, I've been trying to figure out a way to sport blue hair at work... This may be the ticket!

#mermaid #blue #hair loving blue streaks right now...take it from me, don't put it in before working out!!!!! Lol

I really want one streak of blue in my hair!!!

How pretty. Streak your hair allover with different shades of MANIC PANIC blues.