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Blue Hair Streaks

Blue green hair streaks

Salt and pepper gray hair can be enhanced by adding medium to heavy silver streaks using a technique called Pearlizing, which strategically places silvery-white streaks in those areas that will best brighten the hair and face. This will allow you to be naturally gray, but prettier and brighter. This works best on those with silky hair, Nordic complexions and blue eyes and allows 2 to 3 months between retouches.

Black hair with blue streaks

I love the blue under blonde, though I think I would have blonde streaks in the blue instead.

This is close to the color of blue I was considering dying a streak of my hair with.

Pixie Cropped. Love the color and this is where my hair is at right now. Thinking of adding blue streaks to the black for some fun color!

Oh how I miss my blue ombré hair. I would still have it if the processing didn't make my hair look damaged. I at least still have my blue streaks!

My hair with freshly dyed streaks. La rich'e Directions in colors Cerise and Neon Blue on unbleached golden blonde hair.

Purple hair with pink and blue streaks I wish I could do this!! I love the colors.. maybe these colors as streaks!!

blue and blonde hair | This hair in white blonde with bright turquoise and purple streaks is ...

Lavender and turquoise streaks. The lavender had started out pink, and gradually turned purple as it mixed with the blue more with each wash.

  • Sara Harvey

    @Ursula Goff, you are so very welcome!!!

  • Ursula Goff

    Sara, your boards are great for publicity! Thanks for pinning my stuff,

  • Sara Harvey

    @Malia Fotheringham, Thank you so much!

  • Malia

    I was going to do a lavender Mohawk but after seeing, this I might have to put some turquoise in there! :) btw- As a fellow artist, I LOVE your boards. Great inspiration!

  • Cherry DelRosario

    It's like My Little Pony hair!

Blue and purple ombre hair - this is what I'm going to do with my streaks this summer!

When I'm a granny and it looks awk for me to do blonde or brunette, I'll just be awesome and do this instead.

Freshen up dull hair with some MANIC PANIC colored highlights, using our semi-permanent dyes.

Check out the different models' hair colors, just incredible, maybe I should do this instead of my streak of cobalt blue!

This could be Sophie dressed for Phoebe's funeral if her hair was black with blue streaks(suffering by ~Lycilia on deviantART)

When I'm a stay at home mom and I don't have to work anymore I want to do a bright all over color like this I miss having pink and blue and purple in my hair all the time I want it back but I really want to try my whole head not just streaks or tips

Bright Blue Streaks in White Blonde Hair - Nastya Kusakina at Oscar de la Renta SS 2013 New York hair

if it weren't for the bleaching required, and the incessant staining, i would TOTALLY do this!!

Blue streaks in my hair! I would totally dye it ALLLLLL blue if my work would let me. I like this gal's hairstyle but I am thinking a different shade of blue. My hair is blonde, but not as blonde as her so I am not sure how it would look. Love the color combo though!