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Boyfriend Text Messages

MY boyfriend! - Other - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

girlfriend and boyfriend funny pictures | funny picture of Text Message Boyfriend and girlfriend Posted on ...

run over text messages- funny how my boyfriends name is Matt... Lol.

Ex-Boyfriend - Relationships - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

Relationships - boyfriend.i need to tell you somethingwhat is it babei broke your xbox!!WHAT?!?!?!jk i'm cheating on you..soooo my xbox is ok right..?

I wonder if my boyfriend does this ? I know I save his sweet text messages for this reason;)

Cute Messages For Your Boyfriend | love waking up to text messages.

Late night "i miss you" text messages... ♥ Things About Boyfriends

I love waking up to messages from people x) but most of all when I get them from @Joshua Liesner

wedding Text Messages for Him | Romantic Love Text Quotes For Boyfriend And Girlfriend

:O I would die for a text like that

Boyfriend texts, sweet messages, prince charming, love him!

Im waiting patiently to catch you love quotes quote heart boyfriend her love quote true love fall in love him text message

I do this every morning before I clock on and it's a good start to my day reading your texts Katie.

Haha whenever an ex gf or bf calls/texts my boyfriend or myself, we answer each others messages. He picks up the phone when guys call me, I pick up when girls call him. They get soo embarrassed and usually never bother us again. I guess some people just don't realize that when you have found your soulmate, no one else in the world matters :)

Ownage - DaddyDad, I got my boyfriend pregnant...YOU WHAT??!!!!?!?!?!?!? Young lady, you get home right this instant!!! You are grounded! No Tv, No Phone, No Internet, NO BOYRIEND...Lol, Dad..THIS ISN'T FUNNY!!!!!!Wait for it..Oh.

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Worthless Mother Quotes | ... mothers day pics,funny text messages to boyfriend,funny workout

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Funny Text Messages Bf/Gf | Awesome Song for her ex-boyfriend » Cool Pixx

Ownage - Annahaha you were soooo drunk last nightwhat??? no i wasn't!dude you ran up to this huge biker guy with a beard and shouted 'hagrid!!!! you're real!'oh shit. what did he do?hugged you.ah. that explains the faint scent of smoke on my jacket.