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Boyfriend Text Messages

funny iphone texts | Irritating Mad Boyfriend | Funny iPhone texts, text messages

Ownage - CherriWassup?My ex just sent me a picture of her and her new boyfriend having sex.What did you do?!Sent it to her dad.This is why we are friends

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Boyfriend and girlfriend text messages | Related Pictures text message boyfriend and girlfriend

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We used to seriously make folding notes an art. I even had my boyfriend trained in cool note folding.

Mum | Hey honey, are you and your boyfriend, Jake all right?? | Um yeah were fine!! Why'd you ask?? | Oh well I heard you screaming 'Die you fat evil pig'... | Mum I wasn't breaking up with him I was playing Angry Birds.... |

Awkward Parents - DaddyDad,i got my boyfriend pregnant...YOU WHAT!!!??young lady,you get home this instant!!!you are grounded!!!no TV no phone no internet no BOYFRIEND!!!Lol dadTHIS ISNT FUNNY!!!Wait for it.....HaHa very funny ._________.

this would be us for several reasons A) neither of us would be able to hit someone B) we would have understood missed not kissed --lol


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The leaderHey, who is this? my boyfriend changed all of my contact names for fun, so now i cant find anyone | first, what is my name? second, what an asshole your boyfriend is! | your name is 'The leader' | HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! SON OF A BITCH!! XD i am your mom! hahaha

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Funny Break Up Text Messages | text message | Lol Funny Images

Arguing with my ex-girlfriend…

Boyfriend teasing girlfriend with a text message that he has not been honest with her to finally tell her that he is the batman.

Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

Valentine text message #boyfriend #whale #dolphin

Boyfriend and girlfriend text messages | Text Message Boyfriend And...

Iphone text Messages: BoyFriend ♥

My girlfriend has left me and send me "pictures" with herself and her new boyfriend

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