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Brother Sister Quotes

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Inspired Mommie Designs: Being Sister and Brother- Wordart Freebie

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Even when we argue.

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Sister Quotes :) @Elizabeth Lockhart Lockhart Lockhart Lockhart Lockhart Lockhart Lockhart Lockhart Becerra-- The same can be said for brothers; or at least mine! I am the luckiest girl in the world to have a brother like "D" :) DD

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"The priesthood duty of sisters is to create life, to nurture it, to prepare it for covenants of the Lord. Don’t confuse the power with the keys and the offices of the priesthood. God’s power is limitless and it is shared with those who make and keep covenants. Too much is said and misunderstood about what the brothers have and the sisters don’t have. This is Satan’s way of confusing both men and women so neither understands what they really have." -- Julie B. Beck

  • Tiffany

    Did you read the linked article before you made an opinion on this quote? Certainly, you could gain more insight on what was said by reading the entire context...

  • Karen Kerby

    It's so important to have a safe place to have these types of discussions. Thank yo Sister Oscarson.

  • Danielle Christensen

    Bonnie Flint, I loved your comment about agency and spiritual gifts. Pres. Uchtdorf said at conference that we need to stop expecting us to all be the same, and appreciate our differences. "The Church thrives when we take advantage of this diversity and encourage each other to develop and use our talents to lift and strengthen our fellow disciples." - Pres Uchtdorf

  • Emily Sutherland

    If you don't want to hear what the leadership of the church has to say...don't follow them on pinterest. You're not going to sway anyone's testimony with your comments.

  • Catherine Roebuck

    Not all women create life, and many of those who do have traumatic experiences with the physical, biological functions of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. We cannot hold up these experiences as the priesthood duty of women without sidelining countless women. Every other aspect of motherhood--nurturing, teaching, loving, guiding--is also an aspect of fatherhood, so we cannot hold up those experiences as the priesthood duty of women without discounting the importance of fathers nurturing, teaching, loving and guiding their children. The truth is, there IS no female equivalent to priesthood in the church today. I am deeply saddened by that reality, but it is the reality. I yearn for a return to the understanding with which the prophet Joseph Smith encouraged women to administer blessings by the laying on of hands.

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I truly feel sorry for people who don't have brothers... you'll never really know how precious that relationship is

  • Josi Lind

    how true i have 6 brothers and i love them all dearly.

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30 Happy Birthday Quotes for Friends Mom Brother Sister

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Brother and Sister Quotes Siblings | ... aimee bender # the particular sadness of lemon cake # literary quotes

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