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Brother Sister Quotes

When I count my blessings, I count you twice. Even though you arent my brother by blood♥

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30 Happy Birthday Quotes for Friends Mom Brother Sister

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I want this quote as a tattoo right near my scar from breaking my leg when I was in a car accident. It's for my older brother always looking down on me and protecting me. My sister and I are going to get this with his birthday next to it

Best relationships: Talk like best friends; play like children; argue like husband and wife; protect each other like brother and sister #quotes #florida #marriage

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For any "teacher" out there -- mother, father, friend, sister, brother.... Quote by Henry Adam

if we could look into each other's hearts.. If people would learn to use their hearts in general! Society is so judgmental and hypocritical. Society is defined by media. Not lifes experiences and the ability, to see a brother & sister with each other. too many barriers, and not enough Hugs! M.C

I don't have any blood sisters, but since second grade I have had a sister who is always there for me! ♥

2/5 p.5-29 In the very beginning of the story Tambudzai is telling the reader that she does not feel sorry for the death of her brother, but yet she feels guilty for saying those things. She feels wrong about not loving her brother the way a brother and sister are suppose to love each other. This quote is a reflection of how Tambudzai feels and how I portray this story so far.

awww...i love her face... ever love someone so much you grit your teeth when you hug them? lol {guilty}

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sister quotes - Bing Images. I love my little brother.

My mom and dad my sister, brothers friends and my hubby and kids! Love ALL of you! Most important things in life!

older sister younger brother quotes | ... so hard to be a big sister. I’m like a younger version of my Mom

Not being a disrespectful little kid . If something simple bothers you its within yourselves! So fix it stop blaming everyone. That will get you no where!

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so many wonderful memories Roger

I can say that this rings true for my family...we are thick as thieves. J