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Brother Sister Tattoos

Possibly my next tattoo.

  • Vicki Taylor

    love this-my son is a tattoo artist-will show him this

  • Jessica Celeste

    This would be my second one! I absolutely love how simple yet elegant it is. I want to somehow incorporate the word "free" in loose script in the wing or tail.

  • Lindsey Hoskins

    i have this on the right side of my lower back. It was my first tattoo and i still absolutely love it, 3 years later!

That would be cool.

Twin tattoo, I donut really like this but I like the idea since we were tweedle dee and tweedle dum growing up.

stay grounded

BFF tattoo ideas Me and @Lilli English Granados

compass tattoo - Tìm với Google


The tree is meant to signify our roots, and the strength of our family, while the three birds represent the three siblings. - Click image to find more tattoos Pinterest pins

Dream Catcher Drawing

sister tat

Cute!! ♥

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Birds st Flight - Couples Tattoos

. Cute small tattoo # love tattoo ♥ # For more visit tattoooz com

"My tattoo stands for the 4 most important people in my life - mom, dad, brother & sister"

johanna’s arm- photo by kris enos **please keep all credits attached and intact when reposting**

This is listed as a sister tattoo, but I think it would make an excellent neutral for any amount of siblings

Have one of these in my room

The tattoo I am getting in remembrance of my sister. CCN I love and miss you.

matching tattoo with my cousin

For my sis

The blue circle is the universal symbol for diabetes. Until 2006, there was no global symbol for diabetes. The purpose of the symbol is to give diabetes a common identity.