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Candle Jar Reuse

You know all those pretty candle jars that you don't want to throw out? This is how to clean them so that you can reuse them for anything you want

Under The Table and Dreaming: 50 Ways to Re-purpose and Reuse Glass Jars {Saturday Inspiration & Ideas}

Reused bath and body works candle jars made by dkjewels, great idea, I am going to seriously make these, Lord knows I have enough empty jars!

Reuse jar lids and make cute plates for block candles. (in Swedish) - but really you don't need the tutorial.

Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects: How to make Leaf Lanterns

Re-use (Yankee) candle jars

How to get candle wax out of your jars so you can reuse them any way you'd like!

How to clean out candle jars for reuse: If you get the wax out before the water has completely cooled, do not pour the hot water down the drain. let the water cool overnight, and the next morning, the wax floated to the top and hardened.

Living Room Christmas Decorations- would like to do for those used Yankee Candle jars....perfect reuse and recycle

Those Moments of Serendipity: Cleaning Out Candle Jars to Reuse

Truth time: Have you ever bought a candle because it came in a cute jar? How to reuse old candle jars.

Reuse your candle jars for pretty organization - love this!

All you need is a package of Mason jars, some cotton string and some liquid citronella (find it in big jugs at any home-improvement store and even some grocery stores). Use a hammer and nail to poke a hole in the top of the lid, then pour in the citronella, put the top on and drop in the wick. Allow the string about 10 minutes to soak up some oil, then place them around your backyard and light them!

Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects: How to Make Your Own Wonderfully Scented Mason Jar Oil Candle

DIY Home Décor: Reuse Summer Jars as Crafty Candle Holders | See Through Insurance Blog

Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects: How to Make Your Own Mason Jar Oil Candle...infuse your oil with herbs, spices or essential oils also try infusing your oil with Pinecones Cranberries Fruit like Lemons or Limes or Oranges, Coffee beans ,Vanilla beans etc for a more scented and Decorative experience.

Reuse your candles and make new scent cubes- I am going to try a baster instead of a ladle to fill the ice cub trays.

Reuse Yankee Candles for baking supplies and spices. I can't wait to burn through my holiday jars!