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Carnival Tattoo

Whimsical Buck Deer Illustration, this would make a great watercolour tattoo! But without the carnival mixed in the rack

Lady Peacock Venetian Carnival Mask Measuring 13 3/4 inches tall - Mardi Gras mask

Mae Vandermark Patton worked in the circus in the 1920s as a tattooed lady.

Carnival... Luv for a tattoo!! Background?

4 Freakshow posters. Bearded Lady. Tattooed Lady. Dog Face Boy. Pinhead. Carnival. Circus. Sideshow. 12x12. Kraft paper. Art. Print. on Etsy, $50.00

Tattooed Man Circus Vintage Sideshow Carnival Posters Art Prints

Annie Frank Tattooed Woman Circus Vintage Sideshow Carnival Posters Art Prints

Mister Dark by Paul Bommer. The design is based on a character from Ray Bradbury's 1962 novel 'Something Wicked This Way Comes', about a nightmarish travelling circus that arrives out of nowhere in a small Midwestern town one October night. The carnival's leader is the mysterious Mister Dark (aka 'the Illustrated Man') who bears a tattoo for each person's soul who, lured by the offer to live out his secret fantasies, has become bound in service to the demonic carnival.

Pose and mask are amazing. Need to see more breast

photos by female photographer Imogen Cunningham, 1976. Irene "Bobbie" Libarry. tattooed woman. sideshow. nonagenarian. carnival. freak show.

freak show carnival - Google Search

"Tattooed man at a carnival, Md.,1970" Diane Arbus. Photo sold at auction for $ 50,400 in 2006.

I would remove the flowy part around the neck, but the inspiration from classic American and carnival/ gypsy styling makes it very cool.

Temporary Tattoo Booth Temporary tattoos make memorable favors at a carnival-themed party. Set up a booth and enlist a grown-up to play tattoo artist. Get the Temporary Tattoo Clip Art

Artoria, born in Wisconsin in 1893, with the birth name of Anna Mae Burlingston. Apparently she met her future husband Charles ‘Red’ Gibbons whilst hanging around outside a carnival. He was a tattoo artist and told her that he could make famous and she could see the world if she let him tattoo her and join the carnival. What a lovely wedding proposal! Although, this was quite normal for most tattooed ladies of the time, with their tattooist husbands making them their calling cards so to speak.

My Kristel Oreto tattoo, based on the Disney's Silly Symphonies cartoon Cookie Carnival