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Cemetery Flowers

grapevine wreath flower arrangements | ... offers a full line of unique grapevine Funeral Wreaths, Cemetery pots

funeral flower ideas | Funeral Flowers - if you burn them on the coffin, I will haunt you! What a waste

Spray clear enamel matte finish on your cemetery flower to make them last longer in the elements.

Creepy roses. Place silk roses with plastic eyeballs in bushes, flower pots, or on a wreath! How creepy!!

When Caroline Walter of Freiburg, Germany died at the age of 16, her sister Selma had a sculptor cast a life size sculpture for the gravestone. Every morning since Caroline's funeral, a fresh flower was found tucked in the crook of the arm, and still is to this day. Nobody knows who leaves it. Every single morning. Except Caroline died in 1867. For 145 years, someone(s) have been leaving flowers.

The grave of ballerina Marie Tagioni at the Montmartre cemetery in Paris, where young dancers still leave their dancing shoes and flowers. Marie Taglioni pioneered the en pointe style of dance which characterises ballet today

A woman and her 2 children die within 24 hours of each other and are buried on a bed of flowers.. 5000 years later they are found, still holding hands.

The meanings of flowers. @Emily Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Schoenfeld S. Wand Where are anemones? :) "Love ever steadfast..."

A pair of concrete wellingtons diving into a bed of flowers, it looks playful and fun. Fill rubber boots with concrete and unmold.

Antique Georgian 18 carat gold and enamel Memorial, hair and skull ring. Made circa 1820. Shank of the ring in the form of overlapping branches that divide into 3 at each shoulder, where they join the oval, flower-shaped bezel. Top has an oval reserve in which a skull rests on a bed of the beloved's tightly woven hair. The border is enamelled in black with gold letters: IN MEMORY OF.

Jewish Cemetery on Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. Instead of flowers, which would not last long, people put stones on the graves to indicate that they have visited.

This one is for my Mama ❤ She LOVED hummingbirds!!The day after she went to Heaven, we went to the cemetery to put out flowers on her headstone while we were fixing them, a hummingbird came hovered over us for about 5 whole minutes. I KNOW IT WAS HER!!! and IT WAS REALLY AWESOME!! We all cried ❤

Shirley Poppies - In the fall, after clearing beds of fallen leaves,sow these extravagantly (maybe add in a little larkspur) These seeds germinate in late winter, grow rapidly in the warmth of spring and produce unexpectedly showy flowers in May and June.

♥~ May 23, 1994: At Arlington National Cemetery, John Jr. lays a flower on the casket of ♥~ Jackie Kennedy Onassis, ~♥~ who died of cancer on May 19. At her funeral, he remembers her love of words, her dedication to home and family, and her spirit of adventure. ~♥

A picture of a boy named George, forced into a frilly dress. The basket he's holding contains bay leaves, which in the Victorian language of flowers means "I change but in death". His twin sister died and his parents wanted a keepsake of her so this was the nearest they could get. I imagine they found comfort in it, but it seems quite strange to me.

Nearly Natural Artificial Silk Yellow Dancing Orchid Fake Flower Arrangement | YesBride

Flower beds filling each burial plot in cemeteries in Switzerland and other European cities and areas too. #Swiss #lovely #flowers

Tuck this stone angel into your garden for an unexpected vision. She looks as if she's sleeping on a bed of flowers! We design unexpectedly beautiful gardens in the Minneapolis MN area.

The beautiful face of a flower (source: sensitiveashes)

Sympathy Cross. Flower Factor

Fish Funeral Flowers. Heritage Funeral Homes, Crematory and Memorial Parks, Arizona #funeralflowers #funeral #flowers

Fall color silk flower headstone saddle by GuardianFlowers on Etsy, $34.99

funeral flowers - I made a purple version of this for my great grandmother's funeral, so beautiful and everyone was so impressed

Low cost to make it. Made for grave decoration. Items needed...round styfom ball,flowers and ribbon. All can be bought at PatCant (my local) craft store!