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Chasing Fireflies

dress from Chasing Fireflies, Chels can U forward to Susan...this is so cute!

I can just imagine my girls dressed as little fairies running in the backyard.

Wonderful, magical clothing and toys for children. This appeared in the mail and I was enchanted!

Yeap. I'm DEFINITELY making this for Mayleigh this summer. Such a sweet and girly dress.

rainbow dress - Chasing Fireflies

Red checks playsuit

Little toadstool table.

They call this a Whimsical Dress. I think it's pretty. Just add the purple ribbon. It would really go with some of the bridesmaid dresses that are flowy ruffles kind of like that.

Fairy wings ♥

rosy ruffles dress - Chasing Fireflies would like to make a grown-up version of this

cardboard pirate ship $58 - and they have several other styles

Chasing Fireflies Children's Boutique♥

Sailing dress with leggings from Chasing Fireflies

chasing fireflies, love the gingham and ruffles

Pretty Little Chasing Fireflies Kate Mack by Biscotti

butterfly dress

Sadly, any child of mine doesn't stand a chance at not being dressed like this on multiple occasions. #southerngirls @Amber Phillips Ham

lavender stardust dress


Flower Girl

wisteria eyelet dress - Chasing Fireflies

Pillowcase Dress for Beeba and Lucy!

LOL! I think this is a must have for Christmas pictures this year! =>Baby elf costume - Chasing Fireflies

ooooooo my goodness: Rosy Ruffles dress - Chasing Fireflies must have for ladys' beach pics ♥