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chevron quilt tutorial | Quiltylicious. <--- I don't quilt, nor do I plan on starting any time soon. But I really love the chevron design on a quilt

The Little Fabric Blog: Halloween Chevron Quilt Tutorial.

Chevron Quilt Tutorial -- Directions are for a baby quilt, but it'd be pretty easy to make bigger

These are not my colors, but, this Chevron Quilt Tutorial is SO CLEVER -- it's all strips with straight seams! Very easy pattern / method from The Little Fabric Blog..

Woven Chevron Block Tutorial by Jess Frost of The Elven Garden.

My Quilt Infatuation: Easy Peasy Chevron Quilt Tutorial

My Quilt Infatuation: Easy Peasy Chevron Quilt Tutorial and tons of other quilt tutorials!

Easy Peasy Chevron Quilt Tutorial

Easy Chevron Quilt Tutorial. Use this free quilt pattern to make a simple quilt fitting for a child or adult's bedroom. It's also perfect for throwing over the couch for added decor.

To create a half square triangle {HST}, you start with {2} squares of the same size. One square is typically a ‘neutral or solid’ while the other square is a print. Here I’ve shown you {4} squares because that is how many you need to start with to end up with {1} block. My squares are each 3×3 and will create a finished block of approx. 5″ {after it is ‘squared’ up}.

This is a GREAT tutorial....most of the chevron quilts I have pinned are dead links or have no instructions! This one looks super!!!

Good chevron quilt tutorial and description for how to use the backing for binding

My Quilt Infatuation: Easy Peasy Chevron Quilt Tutorial

Time saving trick for chevron pattern. Sew on either side of the middle line and cut in half. Learned this from my mom! :)

This chevron pattern tutorial makes the concept of triangles so simple for kids of all ages. :) Love that you can use white + any other color, then let them try to match the pattern!

Another fantastic #tutorial by Jenny Doan from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. How to make a #chevron #quilt. Her half square triangle method will blow you away!

herringbone quilts | persia lou @Vicki Smallwood Melton :) I like this ;) but may be too hard?? haha

The Little Fabric Blog: Halloween Chevron Quilt Tutorial

another amazing scrap buster... I am committed to doing a block a day of a scrap project... I have so many scraps I will have more than one project in the works

crazy mom quilts: how to make a zig zag quilt (without piecing triangles!)

Zig Zag Quilt Piecing - she explains very simply how this is achieved. You could alter it to use wider strips and make bigger blocks so it's a bolder look with just a few zig zags