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Chia Pet

Hello Kitty Chia Pet By Sanrio

So Cool Idea | DIY & Crafts Tutorials Jr kids create? Outside at OSB

Alma 32? Haircut Chia Pet Grass Heads

26 Mini Indoor Garden Ideas To Green Your HomeStudioAflo | Interior Design Ideas | StudioAflo | Interior Design Ideas

Chia pet! Franks next Halloween costume!

How to mix Moss Graffiti to use on rough wood or concrete. Paint on wall and cultivate it-- Like a paint-on Chia Pet

Make your own Chia Pets. How fun. So many different bottle caps available to make so many different options.

Planter made from 2 liter soda bottles! No link. Cute idea! I would use tacky glue for the face.

Kids diy chia pet craft. Science, flowers, garden and planting ideas for kid's activities and learning.

Homemade Chia pet using grass seed and dirt inside the toe end of a panty hose. tie a knot and put the end down in a yogurt container with water to wick the water to the soil.

Hello Kitty Chia Pet - fun for me, and Sylvia!

Akela's Council Cub Scout Leader Training: Grass Heads are a great way to teach Cub Scouts about Growing Seeds - Theme Planting Seeds of Kin...

#Recycling Making your own chia pets. I'm going to set this up at Thanksgiving for the kids to do. Kids of all ages

Moss Graffiti! How to make moss grow on any wooden, rock or concrete surface.

Make your own chia pet slug How to change amigurumi into a chia pet

How To Create Your Very Own Chia Pet! Ithink this will be nice to try with the little guy!

Make your Own Grass Head aka Chia Pet! Fun!

Homemade Chia pets for kids

Christ table centerpiece