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Chilaquiles Recipe - These are different than the ones I make so I want to try them.

Never had chilaquiles? They’re a traditional Mexican brunch, easy and fun to eat. #cheese

5 Simple Mexican Sauce Recipes ~ for enchiladas, rellenos, tamales, tacos, chilaquiles, burritos, chalupas, tostadas, etc.

Mexican Chicken Chilaquiles Casserole - basically like the best baked nachos, ever. Use my enchilada sauce

Chilaquiles Verdes _ are a traditional Mexican peasant dish of fried tortillas bathed in green or red salsa (depending on the region) until tender. Slightly tart green tomatillo sauce is preferred in Mexico City, and is very simple to make. Chilaquiles are most commonly eaten at breakfast time.

No need to disturb the laziness of your Sunday with this recipe for Mexican‐style Chilaquiles made with eggs, cheese, enchilada sauce and fresh avocado. Ready in 25 minutes, you can enjoy a restaurant‐style brunch in your PJ’s.

Chicken Chilaquiles. #SmartHealthTalk recommends buying ORGANIC WHOLE CHICKEN which is cheaper than over priced CHICKEN BREAST FOR $4.99/lb. There is nothing bad about whole chicken except maybe the skin which is my favorite part and will cook in toaster over to crispy by itself. Can make your own organic chicken broth from the bones and don't have to buy extra so save about $8.00. When have choice, choose organic.

Did you know that before there were nachos, there were Chilaquiles? This mixture of tomatoes, chicken, and spices is the ideal topping for some tortilla chips. #CrockPot #SlowCooker #recipe

Chilaquiles is a simple Mexican casserole normally using deep-fried tortilla strips. No hot oil here, broken taco shells add just the right crispiness to this cheesy chicken dish with green chiles.

Mexican Chicken Chilaquiles Casserole

Western Sauce This is a simple sauce to make for meats, beans and the likes of enchiladas, relleno stuffed peppers and tamales. Somewhat similar to an Enchilada Sauce but creamier using buttermilk which is an old western custom. This one has been in my collection for many years and we like it a whole lot. Makes a generous amount for an entrée.