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Choice Boards

FREE This ready-made literature choice board is ideal for use with any novel used in the 3rd-5th grade classroom. It includes 9 activities that students can complete.

Use Chopping boards as the base for choice boards - much sturdier than laminate, wipes clean, etc

A total of 50 Common Core Math activities! The Standards are divided by domain. Each domain includes a performance task, a choice board and 9 accompanying activities. The only preparation needed is printing of the activities. This product is ideal for the end of the school year after testing and also great for summer school. Keep your students engaged with enrichment and focus. $

This is an example of a choice board that I have displayed in my class.Each subject is color coded so that students can easily locate what they want to do. $

FREE Rocks and Minerals Choice Board Includes circle maps, tree maps, and double bubble maps.

Revolutionary War Bingo: Virginia Studies SOLs 5a-5c--Students pick and cut out 25 choices and glue them in any order on the blank board to make their own game sheet. The teacher then uses the description sheet to call out a description of the word for students to identify and mark on their bingo board. $

NEW SLIDES ADDED!! This 25-slide interactive SMART Board CCSS Math State Test Word Problems will help students prepare for rigorous State tests in Mathematics. CCSS-Aligned problems range from various topics in Grade 3 Math (Grade 4 for remedial work) with word problems, multi-step word problems, time, money, geometry, patterns, customary units of capacity, and more with higher order thinking questions embedded throughout. An interactive, 10-question multiple choice test prep slide included.

CA missions bulletin board: Students wrote an essay on a mission of their choice & then completed a chalk/pastel art project about their mission. They traced the gist CA map using our doc cam to enlarge the image. They typed up the mission names on word, pasted them, & ta da! We then stapled the essays & art & attached string pointing to the student's particular mission, on the map!

SWAT- A fun idea for review games, vocabulary practice, trivia, etc. You just need fly swatters for the teams and a sheet or board with the answer choices...Lots of fun! Post includes two summer freebies!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Choice board perfect for upper elem-middle school novels.

Elementary Choice Board: A great way to differentiate for kids who finish early. The choice board is attached to a bulletin board in the back of the classroom. Use a Rubbermaid container for each activity. Label each one with the image that matches the multiple intelligences and the name of the activity inside. Students can go over to the choice board and pick an activity and a Rubbermaid... Wow this is impressive!

Independent Research Projects for Science & Social Studies. Great for gifted students who need enrichment after they master the standards earlier than others. Can be used for any science or social studies topic and are designed for students to work mostly independently with less direct guidance from teacher.