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Choice Boards

Differentiated Instruction - Choice Boards...might be nice to keep something like this handy in the classroom to be more constantly cognizant of differentiating instruction

Laminate paper keyboards. Can have students practice "typing" spelling words/vocabuarly words. Good for choice board

The Organized Chaos Of Instruction: Primary Tic-Tac-Toe Spelling Choice Boards

Designate a "muscle words" section on your bulletin/white board to bulk up wimpy word choice in student's writing with stronger, more creative synonyms! (As a class, brainstorm alternative choices for basic, overused words in writing...such as happy, run, walk, etc. and put them on index cards in a pocket labeled with that word.) Mine are on removable velcro tabs so they can remove them and take them back to their seat as they work!

Daily 5 Math Choice Board

Writing Dynamo is an online grammar checker and proofreader that gives you detailed writing tips and feedback on voice, word choice, sentence structure, and more.

I do a lesson on Word Choice and discuss how we are getting rid of certain words. These words are going to be known as dead words to us. Words such as: big, nice, pretty, awesome, and tall.I make tombstones that have R.I.P. and the word on them. I add a humorous Birth (born: a long time ago) and Death (died: today) dates and then students go around using resource tools to add LIVELY words that can replace the dead words. Then, I take the tombstones and create a Dead Words bulletin board.

LAL choice board - great for after Reading Counts tests

This ready-made literature choice board is ideal for use with any novel used in the 3rd-5th grade classroom. It includes 9 activities that students can complete, along with 4 worksheets that correspond with them. This packet is great for reinforcing reading comprehension, vocabulary building, and critical thinking by using novels in the classroom. It can also be used for small group centers.

Spelling homework choice board. Students can choose which homework assignments they would like to complete. To save paper, I laminate this and ha...

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This I Feel and I Need Visual Choice Board is a simple resource to keep handy. Providing a student with a visual support may allow him to express his needs without having to find the words. Even verbal students can have trouble retrieving the words or articulating what they need. Offering this simple visual can aid a student in saying "I feel confused. I need help" or "I feel frustrated. I need a break." {Created by Adapting for Autism}

Give students choices with these 9 Veteran's Day activities that are organized on a choice board. Students get to choose 3 of the activities to co...

5th Grade Math Choice Boards- Not just math, but reading as well. Click through for some nice examples to use and to modify. Don't forget to let your students modify these as well. Hand them a copy of Bloom's taxonomy. Teach them the language of Bloom. Then turn them loose.

Art History Choice Board - GIve students 9 choices for a lesson using the multiple intelligences to differentiate learning- PDF Download of your own Art History Choice Board

I also like the vocabulary & spelling boards / most common misspelled words lists... The Curious Apple: Non-Fiction Reading Response Choice Boards

This choice board is ideal for independent student activities during guided reading blocks. Students choose which row of activities to complete ove...

Daily 5 and CAFE Work on Words - kids currently have 7 choices for word activities. Scrabble Spelling Magnet Words Type-it Stamp-it Game Boards Boggle Shake It Up!

Have some fun with informational texts! Your students will love this crafty nonfiction choice board. Free!

Another spin on the "ticket out the door" board (no link, but the pic speaks for itself!)

Status of the class board...making the data public to motivate students, help find experts who can help, partners to do math choices with, and to see how they progress through the levels as they practice each skill

Here's a game board and directions for playing The Factor Game. Great for finding factors of numbers to 30, understanding prime numbers, and discovering/using strategies to win.