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Heaven holds the faithful departed Explore#7 by odins_raven, via Flickr Altar in abandoned church

Most Beautiful Bookstores, e.g. "A gorgeous converted Dominican church gives the power of reading its due diligence. Selexyz Bookstore, Maastricht, Holland" (via Flavorwire)

  • Alex Fairchild

    A book shop or a library are the only two uses for a former church with which I feel at ease. Beautiful space!

  • Kelly Alvarez

    Store or library? Cause this looks too amazing to be a store!

  • Anthony Perpepaj

    absolutely gorgeous. the vibrant colors of the books on top of the muted tones of the church, really wonderful.

Sugar Hill, New Hampshire. I love this little church. People come from all over the country to get married here.

Myra (Demre), Antalya, Turkey Lycian tombs with square columns carved into limestone cliffs during the fourth century B.C. look like houses bunched together. They rest on the cliff above a well-preserved Roman theater with a double-vaulted corridor. However, the ancient city is most famous for its restored 9th–11th-century church dedicated to a local-boy-made-good: St. Nicholas, better known as Santa Claus.

Orvieto's cathedral which is Italy's best gothic church., province of Terni , Umbria region Italy

Hope Fellowship Baptist Church located in Campville, Florida which is a small town just East of Gainesville

The St. Basil's Cathedral is located on the Red Square in Moscow, Russia. A Russian Orthodox church, the Cathedral sports a series of colorful bulbous domes that taper to a point, aptly named onion domes, that are part of Moscow’s Kremlin skyline.

Russia. Moscow. Red Square. St Basil's Cathedral built by Tsar Ivan the Terrible.

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Historic Church of St Patrick in Toledo, Oh. is one of the best Victorian Gothic architecture in USA

Christmas in Provence, France - wow I would love to spend the holidays in France! Has anyone been able to do that?

  • Michele M. McCool

    We spent Christmas and New Year's Eve in Paris, back in 1996 before we had kids. Magical!!

  • Julia Müller

    I see a wounderfull Christmas-market 4 weeks long, when i look through my Livingroom Windows. In Bavaria is in every town a Market in the winter

  • Margaret Walters

    Christmas in Germany. Would love to go back at Christmastime.

  • Cari Kingsley

    yes so magical and festive !!

  • Sue Stoll

    I was in Germany and France. It was wonderful!

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An abandoned church in Brandystation, Virginia

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Beautiful country church with azaleas in full bloom.....

Abandoned Countryside Church In Russia, looks like a great place to remodel and start anew

In the valley amongst the oak & elm trees stood a little stone church covered in ivy!

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St Augustines Church. Known as the 'wee church' the oldest church in Derry, Ireland

The abandoned Rocky Valley Lutheran Church, the last building still standing what *was* Dooley, Montana. by Todd Klassy